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Mukul And His Aide Accused For Giving Away MP LAD Ambulance To Private Body

2015-02-24 20:47

The controversial ambulance before the handing over programme. Picture by SUJIT MONDAL


Ranaghat, Feb. 24: A chief of a Trinamul run gram panchayat body in Nadia’s Ranaghat-II block, who is a staunch Mukul Roy loyalist, has been accused of giving away an ambulance to a non-government organization, which was donated by Roy from his MP LAD fund. A section of the party has also accused Roy of having “ill intention” as he allegedly instructed the pradhan to hand over the ambulance.

Mantu Burman, Pradhan of Majhergram panchayat has been accused by his deputy Somenath Mullick, for using his political clout, to give undue benefit to the organization run by Mukul Roy loyalists; to substantiate supremacy of now isolated all India general secretary of the party. Mullick has also accused Roy of conveying instruction to Burman to hand over the ambulance due to “recent political situation”

The ambulance was formally handed over on Tuesday to the ‘Swargiyo Rabinranath Paul Smriti Raksha committee’, named after a demised Trinamul leader and an elected member of the panchayat. Party MLA from Haringhata Nilima Nag was present at the occasion. However, other leaders like MLA Abir Biswas, MLA Samir Poddar, zilla sabhadhipati Bani Roy skipped the occasion to avoid controversy.

Deputy Chief of the panchayat has lodged a complaint to the chief minister Mamata Banerjee, Subrata Bakshi and Nadia district magistrate P.B.Salim accusing the panchayat pradhan of ‘unlawfully’ giving away a ‘government property’ to a private organization.

In his letter Mullick has written: “The intention of Sri Roy is illegal and harmful. It certainly affects the status of TMC”

Somenath Mullick, deputy chief of the panchayat said: “The ambulance came as a big relief to the local people in the area. However Roy later instructed in a letter to hand over the ambulance to the organization. The pradhan without any decision of the board members, arbitrarily handed over the ambulance to the Rabindranath Paul Smriti Raksha committee, formed by some Mukul Roy loyalists. The pradhan had done it only to prove his loyalty to Mukul Roy and to substantiate his supremacy in the local leadership”.

“Joyanta Paul, a former student wing leader who is very close to Mukul Roy has conspired to do it to demean us in the organization”, Mullick added further.

Paul, however, refused to offer any comment when contacted.

Pradhan Mantu Burman, however, ruled out the allegation. “The area where the organization has started function is around 5 km away from the panchayat office. So I have given the ambulance to them to keep with them temporarily for display purpose so that local people could use it. If they required to keep the ambulance, I would take a post facto approval of the panchayat board”, Burman said.

“Moreover, Mukul Roy himself written a letter to us directing to hand over the ambulance to the organization. So I have given it to them temporarily for display purpose”, he added.

However, copy of the letter of Mukul Roy available with indicates that he had instructed the panchayat body to “dedicate” the ambulance in the name of the demised leader Rabidranath Paul.

District Magistrate Nadia P.B.Salim said: “An ambulance received from MP Lad is a government property. The panchayat can outsource engaging a private body to run the ambulance properly. But, such decision mandatorily requires approval of the board members and cannot be handed over to anybody arbitrarily ignoring government rules”.

Sources said, on February 26 last year Roy issued a grant of Rupees 6.80 lakh for an ambulance to the panchayat. He also instructed to dedicate the ambulance in the name of the demised leader. The ambulance was handed over during December last year.

“But, the pradhan tried to misinterpret Roy’s letter and arbitrarily decided to give the ambulance to the private body only to show his loyalty”, Mullick added.

Santu Paul, secretary ‘Swargiyo Rabinranath Paul Smriti Raksha committee’ and husband of panchayat member priyanka Paul said: “We appealed for an ambulance and the pradhan has given it to us accordingly. We are not concerned what happened inside the board”.

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