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Miscreants Cut Down Sandal Wood Tree At Zilla Parishad Compound

2015-07-10 16:22

Gourisankar Dutta watching the stump of the sandalwood tree. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar, July 10: Miscreants cut off a 30 year old Sandal tree that grown up inside the Nadia Zilla Parishad compound last night during incessant rain. The incident occurred when the three night guards deployed on contractual basis by the zilla parishad left duty at about 1 am for a sleep amidst heavy rain. The matter came to light only on Friday morning after some officials noticed the cut off log of the tree.

Officials claimed that the log of the tree was around 10 fit with around 1-ft diameter. “The cost of the log of the felled sandal tree would be around rupees five lakhs”, said a forest department official. Loose sandal piece is sold at Rupees ten thousand per kg at present in the market.

An embarrassed sabhadhipati of Nadia zilla parishad Bani Roy and Nadia Trinamul Gourisankar dutta rushed to the spot and also called police.

The police started investigation, however, so far it did not arrest any person.

A senior police officer said: “We have questioned the three guards who confessed that they left duty due to rain and went to sleep. They expressed ignorance that when the miscreants cut off the tree”.

Sabhadhipati Bani Roy said: “I was not aware that there was a sandal tree inside the compound. I am really shocked to know that such a valuable tree has been stolen in this way despite presence of night guards. I have asked the police to nab the culprits at any cost”

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