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Minority Commission Finds 'Ghar Wapsi' Theory Behind Ranaghat Convent Attack

2015-03-17 00:09

Maria Fernandez speaking to media persons in Ranaghat. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Ranaghat, March 17: Vice chairperson of the state minorities commission Maria Fernandez on Tuesday blamed the "ghar wapasi" programme of Sangh Parivar echoing chief minister Mamata Banerjee as the reason behind the Ranaghat convent attack. She blamed so during her visit to the Ranaghat School.

After visiting the school in Ranaghat on Tuesday, she said: "This is a planned conspiracy and attack on a place of worship. There are indications that these are all part of the ghar wapasi programme. We have been witnessing a pattern of political attacks on churches across the country in the past seven- eight months,"

Earlier on Saturday, the state government communication had quoted chief minister Mamata Banerjee as saying that “religious politics" in the name of ghar wapasi was responsible for the brutal attack on the nuns and the robbery in Ranaghat.

As Fernandez's statement was in tune with what the chief minister has been saying since the day of the incident, the state BJP leadership accused the government for planned conspiracy against the Sangh Parivar. State BJP president Rahul Sinha said: “I am surprised that how she could she reached the same conclusion".

When asked how she conclusively claimed so, Fernandez failed to justify her answer.

She, nevertheless said, "School principal Sister Shanti told me that the amount of money in the school was less than a lakh and could not be the motive for a robbery. The culprits vandalized the chapel and pages of the Holy Scriptures were torn. They did not target any of the younger nuns; they have hatred in their mind so they brutalized the mother sister".

Meanwhile, Trinamul today mobilized around 10,000-supporters from across the Nadia district to march in Ranaghat town, condemning the blockade of chief minister’s convoy on last evening.

However, the party had organized the rally in a hurry was evident as many of those who walked today were unaware of the cause.

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