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Man Killed BY Wife And Paramours

2015-11-13 23:20


Krishnanagar, Nov. 13: A 47 year old cloth trader was killed at his home allegedly by his wife and her paramours as he had raised objection against her for having illicit affairs. Police have detained the woman and her young daughter for interrogation following a complaint lodged against them by the victim’s elder brother.

The bizarre incident occurred in Phulia late on Thursday night.

The deceased identified as Samaraditya Basak, who was found dead in a pool of blood at his home by the neighbors during the wee hours Friday morning following an alarm call by his daughter.

The neighbors informed the police about the suspected murder who sent the body for post mortem.

The Santipur police has started a murder case on the basis of a complaint lodged by victim’s elder brother Mangal Basak.

A senior police officer said: “We have detained the woman and her daughter and interrogating as their statements appeared to be inconsistent. Their role is being examined. Prima facie it appears that apart from mother and daughter, some other persons were present at the spot of the crime. We are trying to find out their identities”.

In his complaint Mangal Basak has accused his brother’s wife Kalpana and her unidentified paramours for conspiring and executing the murder.

According to local sources, trouble began a few years ago when the trader’s wife Kalpana developed extra-marital affairs with some local person.

A neighbor said: “Samaraditya often went outside for business purpose. His wife exploited this opportunity and often invited his paramours’ home. Samaraditya on many occasions warned her against her affairs, but she never given any heed to his protest, which led violent altercation”.

Locals also alleged that couple’s daughter Supriya have also similar affair.

Gopal Saha, a neighbor said: “On Thursday night we heard similar chaos at their home but we did not enquire as it became a regular affair. But at about 3.30 am on Friday, the couple’s daughter Supriya called us saying that her father fell ill. We rushed to their home only find that Samaraditya lying in a pool of blood. His head was bleeding as it appeared to be hit by any dumb object. There were also marks of strangulation around her neck. He was already dead. So we called the police”.

Victim’s elder brother Mangal Basak said: “I suspect that my brother’s wife Kalpana wither personally killed him or eliminated him with the help of her paramours. She in earlier occasions also tried to kill him. She has long been in no mood to maintain a good conjugal relationship with my brother”.

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