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Man Injured In Accidental Firing By Guard At SBI Branch

2015-06-25 23:50



Chakdaha, June 25: A young bank customer sustained injury when a stray pellet accidentally flew from the singe-barrel gun of a security guard and struck him in the right heel at the entrance of State Bank of India’s Chakdaha branch in Nadia on Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred when the gun of the security guard slipped of his shoulder belt and fell on the floor and fired automatically.

The customers present inside the bank claimed that the guard lost control of the gun being as he was in slumber while sitting on a stool at the entrance of the bank located on the first floor of a private building on Chakdaha-Bangaon road.
The injured customer identified as Swapan Pal, 30, a resident of Chakdaha, was rushed Chakdaha state general hospital. He was later transferred to JNM medical college hospital in Kalyani. Hospital sources said the pellet had pierced his heel.

Police meanwhile, detained the guard Sankar Das, an ex-army man who joined state bank of India as security staff a few years ago.

The incident created a panic at the bank as the customers tried to rushing out of the bank fearing of an attack by robbers. 
The embarrassed bank authority had later withdrawn the security guard, identified as Sankar Das, who was also quizzed by Police later.

An officer of Chakdaha police said: “We have detained the guard for interrogation. We have also talked to the bank officials and customers. However, we have so far received no complaint in this connection”.

The bank authority has, however, submitted a report on the incident to us, said the police officer.

Meanwhile, the police examined the gun of the guard to check if there was nay technical snag.

An officer said: “The horse of the gun found to be little loose for which it opened the fire due to sudden jerk”

According to a customer of the bank who was present inside the branch said: “I was in a queue inside the branch when I saw the gun fell from the shoulder of the guard and within second there was a sound of firing. I saw a youth cried out in pain. Blood was coming out from his leg. The customers became panicked. The guard tried to control the customer and he also said that it was accidental firing. The bank officials also rushed in to control the situation”

Manager of the bank refused to comment on the incident. He also ruled out that the gun fell from the shoulder of the guard due to slumber.

The bank also did not allow the guard to speak to the media.  

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