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Mamata Calls To Foil Bandh Call

2015-04-30 00:19


Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on the way to attend administrative review meeting in Nabadweep. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH

Nabadweep, April 29: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today appealed the people in the state to foil the Thursday’s proposed 12-hours general strike called by the leftist trade unions. In a statement she has appealed the people to take on roads to foil the band and keep offices, shops and business establishments open on Thursday. She has in an unprecedented move, assured people that the state government would pay compensation if the bandh supporters damage their properties.

If this appears to be direct challenge to the bandh supporters, she has at the same time appealed the trade unions to withdraw the bandh for sake of welfare of the state and particularly considering tomorrow’s proposed human chain across the state titled ‘Nirmal Bangla bandhan’, to mark the success of state government’s initiative against ‘Open defecation’.

On Thursday chief minister will announce the Nadia district as the first ‘open defecation free’ district in the state. She will also speak at the celebration to be held in Krishnanagar government college ground.

She said: “Lakhs of students will be on road tomorrow to form human chain – Nirmal Manob Bandhan’. I would request the bandh supporters to withdraw your call considering the trouble of these students.”

“Apnara sankirno rajnitir swarthy ei bandh pratyahar korun”, the chief minister appealed.

While speaking at a public meeting in Chotir Math ground in Nabadweep, where she inaugurated a number of development projects and announced some news ones, she advised the people to be fearless to protest the bandh culture.

Offering compensation to foil the bandh call, she  said: “Don’t be afraid of the bandh supporters, if any car is attacked tomorrow, or any shop is ransacked, the government of west Bengal will pay you necessary compensation, but please do not support the bandh and do not allow it become successful”.

Amidst huge applause, she further said: “To continue the pace of development in Bengal, please say No to the bandh for ever so that none could again dare to call a bandh in the state”.

Earlier speaking on the proposed bandh, She said: “some persons to satisfy their vested interest have called a bandh in the state. Please do not support this bandh. I appeal to you all with a folded hand … please keep your shop open yesterday, keep the market open, keep the school colleges open, those who have no work, and hardly meet people on the road…”

Conveying a categorical message to the people she said: “Be sure that there will no bandh tomorrow in the state, no bandh in Calcutta too and there will no bandh in Calcutta too”

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