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Mamata Accused Centre For Discontinuing Welfare Schemes

2015-11-23 23:54

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee speaking at a meeting in Tehatta Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Tehatta, Nov. 23: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday accused the BJP led government at the centre for playing a shrewd political game against her government to embarrass it by discontinuing funds in different social welfare and development schemes those implemented by the state government.

Speaking at a public meeting in Nadia’s Tehatta organised by the district administration the chief minister accused that the centre has been deliberately preventing development so that her government fails to come up to the expectation of people.

She said: “Ami kaaj kortey chai, kintu Kendra chalaki korchey”.

An angry chief minister said that the welfare projects which announced and funded by the centre have now become a concerning point to her government as even though the centre stopped funding the project, but her government would try best to continue those scheme for the benefit of the poor people in the state.

“Ami na parchi giltey, na parchi uglate, kintu amakaey to chalatey hobey”, she said in Tehatta, where the ruling party has a poor strong hold. All the three assembly seats in this sub division won by the CPI (M) candidates. However, the three CPI (M) MLAs (Tehatta, Palashipara and Karimpur segment) were not invited to the programme.

Expressing her anger over discontinuation of allotment on central project, the chief minister said: “Central earlier allotted fund for contractual women workers in Asha scheme. They were given Rupees 800 monthly. But, it has recently stopped the allotment. The amount was meagre, so we from our part used to pay them Rupees 1500, but they are now in danger due to centre’s decision.”

“Similar is the case for women working under ICDS. The centre earlier allotted 90% of the requirement. The state’s responsibility was only 10%. But, recently the centre has discontinued the allotment”, she said.

“Taholey ki scheme ta bandho hoye jabey, ICDS cholbe ki korey, pregnant maa-der swasthy porikhar ki hobey, bachchader khadhavyas ki hobey? Ora bandho korey ditey parey, kintu ami pari na. Tai rajyokei ekihon oi 90% taka o ditey hochchey, tobu amra chai ICDS choluk, gorib manusher project bandho hok amra chai nja”, she added.

The chief minister accused the centre that it often announce new projects and discontinue it after a short time.

“The centre can discontinue the schemes, but I cannot do this”, she said.

“Bandho korey diley manushgulor ki hobey, ami taka pabo kothay, ami na parchi giltey na parchi ogratey, eketo sob taka niye choley jachchey, tarpor abar mid day meal er rannar gas er subsidy bandho korey dichchey, athocho amra janteo parchi na”, she added.

An angry chief minister quipped: “Er pichoner chalaki ta ki? Rajyo sarkar key henostha kara”.

In a bid to appraise the a gathering of 10000 at Shyamnagar ground, the chief minister further said: “The Sarva Siksha Mission is the latest scheme where the centre has stopped funding. But, it is my compulsion; I have to run the scheme for sake of the people”.

The chief minister further claimed that the centre has stopped funding Police modernisation project, Jungle mahal development project, Backward region development project.

“Kintu ami to egulo chalatey chai, kaaj kortey chai, amakey korteo hobey, kintu taka pabo kotha theke. Amader rajyer ja taka ta theke Jodi centre 28000 taka na niye jeto, taholey Delhi-r taka charai ei projectgulo chalatam.Aaj amakey 10000-crore salary pament kortey hoy, pay commission holey 30000 crore ditey hobey, tai kaj korbo ki korey”, she said.

The chief minister said: “A government can deliver good performance when it can give benefit to the common and poor people. We have trying our best for the past four and half years. But, the centre has made the situation tough”.

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