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Lunch Gesture By Teachers For Flood Victims In Santipur

2015-08-05 23:51

A student serving food to the flood victim children at Santipur Tantubai Sangha high school. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Santipur, August 5: Teachers of 12 high schools in Santipur town of Nadia have come up with a unique gesture to provide cooked food to around five thousand flood victims who have taken shelter at their school buildings.

While at some schools the teachers with the approval of their managing committee have been using rice granted for ‘mid-day meal’, in other schools, the teaching and non teaching staff have come up to bear the entire cost of the food by making a fund of their own.

On Wednesday, the teachers of Tantubai Sangha High School located in Laxmitala Para of Santipur arranged cooked lunch for around 400 flood victims of 90 families who have taken shelter at the school. The students of the school served rice, daal, potato chips, soya nudget with mixed vegetables and egg curry to the flood victims in their lunch.  

In a smilar gesture the teachers of Santipur Oriental Academy served rice, daal, potato chip, Aloor dum and egg curry to around 350 flood victims of 80 families who have taken shelter at the school.

Welcoming the initiative of the teachers, sub divisional officer of Ramah Rajarshi Mitra said: “This is a very good initiative. On behalf of the administration, I have told them to use the rice daal granted for mid day meal for the purpose which will be compensated later”.

Appreciating the initiative, Santipur’s Trinamul MLA Ajoy De said: “We appealed the teachers to help the flood victims taken shelter at the school by providing them food if possible. I am thankful to the teachers that they have done beyond my expectation”

A large area in Santipur town and its outskirt have been ravaged in flood rendering about eight thousand people homeless. Around five thousand victims have taken shelter at the 12 high schools in the town where regular studies have been suspended due to occupation of the flood victims. The rest taken shelter in 30 primary schools. 

The administration has been supplying rice, daal, and dry foods as relief to them. However, due to over crowding and unavailability of fuel, it has become very difficult for them to cook food regularly.

Anup Saha, head master of Tantubai Sangha high school said: “We opened our school on Sunday as shelter for the flood victims. The administration supplied food grains like rice, daal and pulses to them to cook. But, we observed that many families are not in a position to cook food. Some have their gas oven, but of the victims who are poor farm labor have no mean to cook food. So we decided to provide cooked food to them. Meanwhile, the administration also made an appeal to give them food if possible using the mid meal rice. But, we realized that it would not be possible to provide food to all the victims only using the mid day meal grants. So I talked all the teachers who come up benevolently to make a fund for this purpose”.

Pushpal Ghosh, a geography teacher of the school said: “We 19 teachers and 3 non teaching staff. We all have initially contributed Rs. 500 to build the fund. Today we are bearing the entire cost of the food. However, we would later use the mid day meal rice to continue the gesture”.

“Our aim is to provide basic Daal-Bhat to the victims at least the entire week. We require 50 kg rice daily which will be used from mid-day meal grant as advised by the administration”, head master Anup Saha said.

In Santipur Oriental Academy too, the teachers initially contributed Rupees 300 to make a fund.

Head master Sunil Kumar De said: “We are using the rice of mid day meal. The other ingredients are being arranged by the teachers”.

Sangeeta Dutta, 25, wife of a farm labor with two children from Gabar-Char village who have taken shelter at Tantubai Sangha high school after her home inundated, said: “The cooked food served by the teachers came as a great help to many families like mine who have become penniless due to flood. We have no money even to purchase kerosene or timber to cook food”.

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