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"Lalu" Celebrates Lalu's Success

2015-11-20 23:54

Lalu Prasad Yadav look alike Jiban Malakar selling snacks at his stall in Karimpur. Picture by SOURAV BHATTACHARJEE

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Karimpur, Nov. 20: On Friday afternoon when Lalu Prasad Yadav was making his comeback in Bihar politics and watching the jubilation sitting in the galaxy of politicians at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan, far away in Bengal’s bordering town Karimpur, a man in his sixties was celebrating his success silently.

Jibon Malakar (62), the elderly ‘chop’ seller in Nadia’s Karimpur, who looks alike Rashtriya Janata Dal supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, marked his victory with free gift to his customers.

Happy over success of Lalu Prasad and for swearing in of his sons Tejashwi and Tej Pratap Yadav as the new ministers in the Nitish Kumar led new Bihar Government, Malakar, given free ‘alur chop’ to every customers who came to snacks corner located at the town bus stand on Friday evening.

The local children who call him ‘Lalu Dadu’, however, got the chop free without any purchase.

To mark the occasion, Malakar fried around 700 alur chop, which he distributed free to the customers.

“It is my pleasure, so I offered Alu for Laluji. Laluji’s existence in Bihar politics has almost become an adage like potoato in curry. So I think offering ‘alur chop’ as gift would be the ideal one”, he quipped.

A strong CPI (M) supporter Jibon Malakar, however, would be happier, if the RJD supremo put his steps on Bengal turf for an encore of Bihar win by making an alliance with CPI (M) in the 2016 assembly poll in the state.

Malakar said: “I like Laluji very much and feel proximity with him. It is just a coincidence that I look like him. In reality I like his love for the poor, his speech and his gestures. I would be happier if he becomes the chief minister today. But, he played wise role and become the kingmaker. This role earned more respect. So I decided to celebrate his success. As a poor person, I planned to do something which can be afforded.  So I offered free ‘alur chop’ to my customers. I would be very happy if Laluji fights the Bengal election in similar way”.

‘I also like Mamata Banerjee, but would be happier to campaign for Laluji if he invites me”, he said.

A resident of Ramkrishna Pally of Karimpur, Jibon Malakar fell in love for Lalu Prasad Yadav during 1990, when he became the chief minister of Bihar. The locals then for the first time identified him as Lalu’ alike.

“I am a drop out at class four. I was never interested in politics. However, since long I am an avid reader of newspaper, where I had first saw him. But, I was never concerned about my similarity in look with Laluji. Some local youths made me concerned about it and watching about my love for him”, Malakar said.

Lalu Prasad Yadav also had recognized Malakar’s love for him and their similarity when during 2007 he visited Krishnanagar as the former railway minister to announce a railway link between Krishnanagar and Karimpur.

“Laluji was surprised seeing me. He hugged me and called me as his brother. He introduced me to the audience and also invited me to his home in Patna. I also went Patna, but unfortunately could not meet him as he suddenly left for Delhi”, Malakar said.

As the Bihar win provided Lalu Prasad coveted importance in national politics, Malakar has now planned to appeal him to take initiative to bring Karimpur town within the railway network.

“Karimpur is about 100 km from Krishnanagar. People suffer great difficulty to travel to Krishnanagar and Calcutta, which is about 200 km from here. Laluji had taken initiative for the railway link. But, after his tenure nothing was done. I hope he would hear my appeal to take up the matter with the railways authorities”, Malakar said in a very optimistic note.

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