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Lady Doctor Accused Of Negligence In Santipur Hospital

2016-10-25 22:56

Accused lady doctor Surangama Sukul at Santipur hospital after the incident. Picture by Abhi Ghosh


Santipur, Oct. 25: A lady gynecologist attached to Nadia’s Santipur state general hospital today has been accused of making inordinate delay to attend an expecting mother in the labor room while on duty despite repeated calls by the her relatives and staff nurses as she was resting in her quarter that eventually led to delivery of a still born baby. 

The lady doctor has also been accused of keeping the woman, Parbati Barui (28) lying for about three hours in the labor room after delivery without stitching her vaginal path that was slashed during delivery. The stitches were given to the bleeding woman, only after her husband brought the matter to the notice of hospital superintendent Jayanta Biswas, who immediately shifted her to the ward and started her treatment.

Hospital sources said, accused doctor Surangama Sukul was resting in her quarter adjacent to the hospital despite being on duty and allegedly arrived at the ward about 6.30 in the morning, after about three and half hours since the patient was wheeled into the labor room

The hospital superintendent Jayanta Biswas has admitted the delay on the part of the gynecologist Surangama Sukul and ordered an inquiry against her the on the basis of a complaint lodged by the woman’s husband Ananda Barui, a construction worker by profession.

“I have received a complaint and personally visited the expectant mother today morning. The allegations of the relatives of the expecting mother are quite logical and so I have ordered a probe”, the hospital super said.

According to hospital sources, Parbati Biswas, a homemaker from Govindapur village of Santipur was admitted to the hospital on Monday evening with labor pain. At about 3am, she was shifted to the labor room following her became unbearable. The attending nurses informed on duty gynecologist Surangama Sukul about the patient. However, she did not turn up. The paternal aunt who was accompanying the patient in the hospital also called the doctor at her quarter; nevertheless, she did not turn up despite.

Anju Majumder, the accompanying woman said: “I repeatedly requested the nurses to call the doctor to attend Parboti, who was suffering from unbearable labor pain as the baby’s head came outside. I managed to see this through an open window of the labor room. The nurses informed the doctor, but, she did not bother to turn up”

“Later we called the doctor going to her quarter, but she did not respond”, she said.

“Off late, the nurses tried to deliver the baby, but failed. It was about 6.30am, the lady doctor arrived and delivered a still born baby”, alleged Anju.

An attending nurse said: “We apprised the doctor about the condition of the patient, but all the times she advised us to wait for more times, despite the baby’s head came out”.

Hospital superintendent Jayanta Biswas said: “The lady gynecologist was on duty and expected to attend the patient immediately. She should have made herself available in the ward instead of resting in her quarter. If the condition of the patient was bad, she could also refer her to a better place. However, it appears that she did nothing of that sort. I talked to her as well with the on duty nurses. But, their statements were not satisfactory for which I have ordered a probe into the allegation”.

An official of district health department said: “Ideally the doctor should be in ward while on duty even during night. But, as the doctors stay in adjacent quarters we generally do not stringently pressurize them as they attend patients on call. But this lady doctor has misused this relaxation at the cost of a life”.

Accused doctor Surangama Sukul, however, refused to talk on the matter. “I will answer the allegations to the concerned authorities only”, she said.

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