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Kalyani University Announced Admission Fee Roll Back

2015-10-05 23:52

Development officer professor Alok Ghosh announcing the decision of admission fee roll back before the students in Kalyani. Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, Oct. 5: Conceding the demand of the agitating post graduate students, the Kalyani University authorities on Monday have formally announced an absolute roll back to the 12 year old fee structure revoking the last year’s controversial hike notification.

The post graduate students of the science faculty will now be able complete the two years’ post graduate course consisting of four semester by paying only Rupees 5100 which include the examination fees instead enhanced fee of Rupees 14160 which angered the students.

On the other hand, the post graduate students of the arts and commerce faculties would require to pay only Rupees 4400 instead of enhanced fee of Rupees 10160.

Chairman of the fee revision committee professor Alok Ghosh announced the ‘roll back’ on Monday before the agitating students who were continuing demonstrating at the administrative building demanding withdrawal of the enhanced fee structure.

The announcement evoked jubilation among the students. The students also apologized before professor Ghosh for their ‘behavior’ by touching his feet.

“We are repentant for our behavior. We seek unconditional apology from vice chancellor too. We also want him to withdraw resignation”, a student said.

The fee hike created a students’ unrest who kept vice chancellor professor Rattanlal Hangloo confined for about 21 hours at his chamber along with 17 other officers since September 30 afternoon even after he assured to “reconsider” and also constituted review committee. A humiliated Hangloo later submitted his resignation to Governor Kesharinath Tripathy on October 1, which, however, yet to be accepted.

Announcing the roll back, Professor Alok Ghosh, who is also University’s Development officer said: “The committee members in a realistic way have reviewed the fee structure and unanimously recommended withdrawal of the enhanced fee for sake of the students. The students will require paying at par the fee in vogue up to 2013. The excess amount already paid while taking admission in last year will be refunded. The finance officer has been asked to find out a suitable way for refund within a week”.

The review committee members who met on Saturday recommended the roll back. On Monday morning the members met the vice chancellor at his residence for his nod. The formal notification was issued by registrar Professor Maloy Samanta.

Meanwhile, vice chancellor Professor Hangloo skipped attending University on Monday and spent the day at his official residence “Vijaylaxmi Bhawan”.

Speaking to this correspondent, he said: “I will try to meet the Governor on Tuesday. I have requested him again to relieve me soon. as my decision to quit is final”.

Meanwhile, a large section of the University officers feel that the ongoing development projects will seriously suffer due to roll back of the fee.

“The fee hike helped the University to generate own fund to add to the development. The centre and state provide funds, but sometimes, these are not enough. Moreover, he made a students’ aid fund for the first time. But, everything will be suspended now”, an officer said.

Professor Alok Ghosh said: “Now the state government will be responsible if the ongoing development projects suffer due to lack of fund. It should now fund all the projects undertaken by the University”

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