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Kalyani Police Under CID Scanner

2015-07-08 22:55

Kalyani, July 8: The CID team probing the ITI entrance examination question leak has today issued a summon to inspector in charge of Kalyani police station Tushar Kumar Kar to explain as under what circumstances he released the two prime suspects even after arresting them a day before the examination when rumors of leak of papers spread strong.

Nadia SP BL Meena has also asked Kar to explain his role behind the release of the two prime suspects Arojit and Tuhin Das, who were later arrested by the CID and taken to custody for investigation.

The CID officers would also quiz the officials of the state technical education department who dispatched the question papers and escorted up to Kalyani police station where the questions were delivered.

A senior teacher of ITI Kalyani is also under suspicion of the CID, who also could be examined.

Speaking to this news paper, a CID officer said: “The role of Kalyani police station has become very mysterious. It is really amazing that how they released the Tuhin and Arojit without interrogating them properly. We came to know that the concerned officers of Kalyani police have claimed that no evidence was found from the duo. The police have got a recorded tape of cell phone conversation of Arojit with a candidate. The evidence was not immediately necessary; rather they should take time and start a case so as to interrogate them properly to go into the deep of the conspiracy”.

“Moreover, it was their responsibility to alert the state higher education department that questions have already been leaked. On June 27, when Arojit and Tuhin were arrested it was quite clear to the IC Kalyani that questions were leaked. So he should have alerted the department. In that case, lakhs of aspiring candidates would not be harassed”, the CID officer said.

From the entire episode, the role of the Kalyani police appeared to be very mischievous to us. So we want to interrogate them in detail. We have already questioned to sub inspectors of the police station. Now we would question the IC and another officer for which they have been asked to appear before the investigating team in Bhabani Bhawan, a CID officer said.

The CID has also decided to question the officials of the technical education department who were entrusted of printing the questions and later dispatched it to the examination venue.

“The entire process of sending question papers appeared to be vulnerable for leak. We came to know that questions which were sent to kalyani were not put in sealed cover. It was loosely packed with thread. It was the Kalyani police which first put it in a tin box and then locked it. This is not the ideal system of sending question papers of such an important examination”, the officer alleged.

The CID officers indicated that there are still many persons left to be quizzed which include a senior teacher of Kalyani ITI.

“We have got important information from Arojit and Tuhin, which are being examined. Some more important persons would also be examined in this connection very soon”, he added.

Nadia SP BL Meena said: “I have sought an explanation from the IC Kalyani about June 27 episode and also ordered an inquiry into the matter. However, nothing has so far come out”.

Meanwhile, Nadia TMCP working President Sourik Mukherjee, who is also a lawyer of ACJM, court in Kalyani has acknowledged that he signed the PR bond of Arojit and Tuhin on June 27.

“It was not that I intervened into the matter or pressurized the police to release them. I signed the PR bond of Arojit as a professional lawyer after the IC Kalyani requested me. He said that nothing was found so keeping them inside police station is illogical. So I signed the release bond. My role as a lawyer should not be construed as a political interference into the case”, Sourik said. 

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