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'Jungle Book' Watch For Nadia Home Children

2016-09-25 17:20


Krishnanagar, Sept. 25: 25 girl children staying at Krishnanagar based state run ‘Children home for girls’ were given surprised gift today when they were taken to a Cineplex in the town to watch “Jungle Book”.

The pleasant gesture was arranged by the Nadia district administration to break the monotony and to make them feel that are not an isolated lot.

In last month the district administration has also launched a library services for the children at the home.

District magistrate Sumit Gupta, the brain behind the initiative, said: “We appealed the district judge for his permission as all the girls are staying at the home as per the court order. The District judge accorded the permission under certain terms and condition which we thoroughly complied to make the event successful”.

“We also taken permission of the police authority”, the DM added.

The children today boarded a special bus escorted by a police team and taken to a Cineplex located at the outskirt of Krishnanagar town on NH34 where the plex authority – the Venkatesh films arranged a special show of ‘Jungle Book’ for the girls.

A team of district administrative officials led by sub divisional officer (Sadar) Maitreayee Ganguly accompanied the girls at the Cineplex. A police team guarded the plex outside while civic volunteers were deployed inside the plex to lookafter them.

“We requested the Cineplex authorities for to show a movie, which is uncontroversial and can provide wholesome entertainment with a message to the children. They offered Bajrangi Bhaijan and Jungle Book. We chosen the later”, SDO Ganguly said.

The girls were euphoric as they were served beverage and hot pop corn as a gesture by the Cineplex authorities.

“It was a very good initiative on the part of district administration. We welcomed the initiative and tried to treat the children as our special guests so that they can remember this day in their life”, an official of the Cineplex said.

DM Sumit Gupta said: “Our objective was to make a soft intervention in their confined and monotonous life. All the children, as I came to know are victim of circumstances. So my plan was to inject some fresh life in them and to make them feel that they are part of our family”.

District child welfare officer Rina Mukherjee has welcomed the initiative of the district administration.

“More such initiative would not only help the children to break monotony but also to develop their mental state as they often suffer from depression”, she said

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