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Judge Walked Into Nadia Police Station, Rescued Illegally Detained Girl

2016-12-28 21:31

ACJM Sanghamitra Poddar

Ranaghat, Dec. 28: Additional chief judicial magistrate of Ranaghat Sanghamitra Poddar today paid a surprise visit to Hanskhali police station in Nadia and recovered a 22 year old unmarried woman who was allegedly illegally detained by police since December 23 night.

Taking cognizance of a petition filed by the girl's father Govinda Biswas, a resident of Mayurhat, the ACJM today took a break a little before the lunch and rushed to the Hanskhali police station, around 30km from Ranaghat, even keeping her security personnel in dark and found out the girl pinning at the police station for last five days without any complaint.

As the officer in charge of Hanskhali police station Anindya Bose, a sub inspector, had failed justify the reason for the detention, the ACJM took the girl to her car and rushed back to her court in Ranaghat where she recorded her statement before ordering safe custody of the girl. 

A source at Hanskhali police said, the ACJM was visibly angry when she personally examined the general diary and the FIR register and found nil entry about the girl.

The ACJM asked the OC of Hanskhali police to submit his explanation for the alleged detention by tomorrow.

As per the petition of the girl's father Givinda Biswas, a team of Hanskhali police on December 23 night came to his house and took away his daughter (Mitu) , who works as a domestic help in Delhi, to the police station without assigning any reason and informing him about any complaints against her.

Since the night, the girl was kept detained at the police station while repeated appeal by her father went in vain as the police did not make it clear to him that why her daughter was detained. Rather, he was asked by some other personnel of the police station to pay money to ensure release of her daughter.

Girl's father said: "For the last five days I regularly visited police station to know the fault of my daughter and to get her released, but every time I got no answer except the reiterating demand for money. Finding no way I submitted a petition before the Court seeking its intervention against this unauthorized detention".

Local sources said, the petitioner is father of two daughters, both work in Delhi as domestic help for last few years. Police acted apparently on a tip of by its sources that said suspicious movement of Hindi speaking young girl in the area who taken shelter at the house if Govinda Biswas.

Hanskhali OC Anindya Bose also admitted this. "We have information about the girl and her suspicious behavior. So we took the girl to the police station for interrogation. But, neither she nor the person with whom she was staying could sufficiently prove her identity. The girl  could only told us her name without any surname and also claimed that she resides in Saket area of Delhi police. She also told us that Govinda is not her father. There was no complaint against her, but a number of inconsistencies in her statement during interrogation forced us seek her whereabouts from Delhi police, which is still awaited. We were actually waiting for that report and decided to keep her at the PS for sake of her security. We planned to take further course only after the report is received".

But, when asked if police can keep any person in such way without any reason at the PS, Bose said, it was done for her security as she is an outsider 

Advocate Debasish Chakraborty, who moved the petition today said: "This goes against the constitutional right of a person and also violates provision if clause 57 of Cr PC, which says Whenever any person is arrested and detained in custody, and it appears that the investigation cannot be completed within the period of twenty-four hours and there are grounds for believing that the accusation or information is well-founded, the OC or IO , shall forthwith transmit to the nearest Judicial Magistrate"

OC Bose said: "this is done only when the case starts against specific complaints, but here case was not started and no complaint wad there."

OC Bose said: "We had more reasons to believe that the girl is an outsider. The petitioner is also not her real father and made a fake submission before the court. We will prove this in court too"

Another advocate Pallab Mandal said, "the OC's s justification for detention can not be accepted by law. The OC in no circumstances can detain a person at the ps for such period. He could easily lodge a dui moto case against the girl and seek her custody if there was anything really suspicious in her act".

Sp Nadia Sishram Jhanjharia refused to speak on ACJM ' s visit to the police station. Asked if he found any fake on the OC's part, "I have to examine the matter in detail ".

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