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Joyful Learning Experiences For Students At Flood Centre

2015-08-07 11:33

Children watching a movie at during a fun-learning session at Santipur Tantubai Sangha school. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Santipur, Aug. 7: 23 teachers of TantubaiSanghaSchool in Santipur have come up to use their suspended school hours for the flood victims in a different way. Finding that the children of the flood victims who have taken shelter at their schools have been roaming around the campus and spoiling their times, the teachers of this School, who mandatorily attend school despite suspension of classes, have come up to impart them a different lesson.

Tantubai Sangha high school is one of the 12 high schools in Santipur town where 90 families from Gabar Char, Baktarghat, Char Jijira villages have taken shelter leading the school to suspend regular classes.

Since Monday the chaotic morning hours have turned into a joyful learning hours for around sixty children of these families who read at different classes between three and nine at different schools.

For the past five days these children have been watching interesting films shows, cartoon at the school’s computer room in the morning, while taking special coaching from the teachers to compensate their lost school days.

For the children the three hours session from 11 am to 2 pm have become the most precious joyful learning hours at the flood centre.

On Thursday after their coaching, the students watched “Khirer Putul”, a cartoon film on Abanindra Nath Tagore’s fantasy novel for children.

Head master Anup Saha said: “Our aim is to provide the children with fun while learn. The initiative was conceived to encourage them not to waste time and at the same time to promote a sense of cultural understanding and discipline. We would possibly never get these children again, but want to make their stay at this school a memorable learning experience”. 

Soma Kundu, a teacher of the primary section said: “It was quite painful to us to watch the children spoiling times and making chaos. They lost their study hours of school due to flood. At the shelter they are not in mood of study due to lack of space. We realized that these children will suffer seriously when the classes would resume. So we decided to help them using our suspended school hours so that their loss could be compensated along with some funs”.

“The teachers mandatorily come to ensure their attendance. For first two days they passed some idle hours and then left. But, watching the children they spontaneously come up with proposal to help students, which I agreed after speaking to the school management. We also talked to the parents of the children, who also become happy”, added head master Anup Saha.

From last Monday the teachers in small sessions have been interacting with the students individually to solve their problems to keep the updated.

“Most of the children belong to class 3 and 4 who are being taught in group, where as the other students being taken care almost individually by the 23 teachers. Students mostly appeared to be eager to solve their problems in Mathematics, Science, Geography and English”, said Biswajit Ghosh, biology teacher of the school.

To add fun to the coaching the students are being shown interesting films like Satyajit Ray’s‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’, ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’, ‘Sonar Kella’, ‘Pather Panchali’ and also some Charlie Chaplin films.

“The films are being shown to make the coaching session attractive and joyful. At the same time, we would like to inject good cultural lessons among them. The students have responded well”, the head master said.

Arpita Biswas, a student of class five of Sarat Kumari Girls’ high school, who taken shelter at TantubaiSanghaHigh School said: “I liked the way the teachers are giving lessons. I never had watched these films too”.

“I was afraid after loosing classes due to flood, but after attending coaching at this flood shelter I am confident of good results in the next examination”, said a Papiya Mandal, a class six student.

Paritosh Sarkar, a cycle van peddler father of class four student Chottu Sarkar said: “I never had expected that teacher at this school could help the children of other schools in this way. They have taken a great initiative”.

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