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JNM Hospital Doctors Beaten Up For Prescribing Generic Medicines

2016-07-05 21:30

College of medicine, Kalyani and JNM Hospital


Kalyani, July 5: Interns attached to Jawharlal Nehru Memorial Hospital resorted to a cease work since Monday midnight after armed miscreants barged inside the hospital premise and allegedly beaten up five of them at gun point threatening them further with dire consequences unless they prescribe branded medicines instead of writing only the generic names.

The cease work of the interns that continued till 2 pm on Tuesday was withdrawn only after principal of JNM Hospital and Kalyani College of Medicine assured them of all round security after discussions with the district administration.

The incident meanwhile, embarrassed the Trinamul Congress leadership as name of son of a party councilor of Kalyani Municipality surfaced up behind the Monday night’s attack. The councillor’s son owns a medicine shop opposite to the entrance of the hospital.

Principal professor Santanu Banerjee, has lodged a complaint with Kalyani police station against unidentified miscreants.

Speaking to the reporters, he, however, said: “Desperation of a section of medicine retailers who have been incurring loss due to free supply of medicine at the hospital as well as existence of fair price medicine shop led the attack on the interns”.

“The chief minister has been apprised of the incident for smooth functioning of the hospital and medical college”, he said.

An embarrassed Jyotipriyo Mullick, chairman of JNM hospital patients’ welfare committee, refused to speak about the alleged involvement of the councillor’s son behind the incident. However, he said: “We will not tolerate any hooliganism inside hospital and medical college and also told the police to ensure allround security at the compound”.

Mullick would visit the hospital on Thursday.

According to some interns who were on Monday said that trouble began at about 12.45 in the night, when three of them who were on duty at the emergency were approaching towards a tea stall near the hospital gate.

“A group of about eight youths who were waiting near the tea shop dragged them to an isolated place and started beating up at gun point. Two others who were who were going later towards the tea shop tried to rescue them, but beaten up”, said an intern.

One of the interns, who were attacked said: “At least two of the youths have revolver in their hands, who were threatening us to kill unless we do not give them business by writing brand names of different medicines. They also directed us to insist the patients’ kin to purchase medicines from the retail shops outside the hospital instead of purchasing them from the fair price medicine shops located adjacent to the emergency department of the hospital”.

An anxious principal professor Santanu Banerjee said: “The incident has become a matter of serious concern as the students were threatened at gun point. I believe that a racket of medicine retailers are behind the attack. We have recently purchased huge amount of medicines at the JNM Hospital which are given free of cost to the patients. As a result, the patients need not purchase medicines largely. Moreover, other medicines prescribed in their generic names which are largely available at the fair price medicine shop of the hospital. As a result, there has been a decline in sale of medicines at the retail shops located outside the hospital.  I think a section of these retails might be involved”

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