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Illegally Detained Girl Known To All, Has Valid Voter Card

2016-12-29 21:47

Girl's name in the local voter roll

Illegally detained girl Mitu Biswas

Elder sister and father of the girl at Ranaghat court

Girl's home in Mayurhat Bilpara village


Ranaghat, Dec. 29: The “suspicious” identity theory of the Hanshkhali police about the 22 year old girl, whom it allegedly detained at the police station for five days without any complaint, appeared to have no taker in the Mayurhat-Bilpara village where she stays. The locals that include neighbors and also the panchayat member categorically said that know her for about a decade as one of the four daughters of Govinda Biswas, a farm labor, while evading to speak about her 'origin'.

The locals have also today shown the electoral roll of the area which contains the name of the girl, ruling out the girl's "suspicious" identity. A copy of the roll of part-208 of Krishnaganj (SC) assembly segment available with the NfN shows the girl’s name at Serial No. 140 with Govinda Biswas as her “father” and residence No. as N0029 and her Epic number is XZD1928639.

Nevertheless, the ‘outsider’ theory of the police apparently gained grounds today as Pushpa Biswas, wife of the girl’s “father” Govinda Biswas, clearly said that she is not the her “biological” mother.

“The girl is a friend of my elder daughter Laxmi, who developed proximity with the girl when she went to Delhi with a housekeeping job about ten years ago. The girl also worked their. She lost her parents in early age. My daughter loves her as her younger sister and brought her to our home here. Since then, our home has become her permanent address. She has become our daughter now, even though I am not her biological mother”, said Pushpa”.
She further claimed that her family and ‘daughter’ being harassed by police over a land dispute being misled by one of their neighboring relatives, who allegedly tried to grab their land and also made a murder attempt on her and her husband.

“My brother in law Ratan, his son and other associates, who are all Trinamul activists attacked us with sharp weapon on June 1 this year injuring me and my husband seriously after we prevented their land grab  We lodged a complaint against them, but police did not arrest them. As a revenge, they planned ti harass us in connivance with police and some political leaders”, Pushpa added.

Today girl's “father’ Govinda Biswas appeared before the ACJM and recorded his statement. but refused to talk to the media persons.

However, her elder daughter Laxmi admitted that the girl in question is her friend, who is a daughter of a Delhi based poor Bengali couple, who died long ago.

“I met her in Delhi about ten years ago. She is an orphan.we developed a string bond during the past years. This relation can't be defined by blood. She is like my sister and I brought her to our home in Nadia. We have done no crime by giving her shelter. At present she has no one other than us. I can fight at any level for her and she is not a criminal and my parents have done no wrong, she said after submitting her witness account before the ACJM today.
"We nevertheless sought apology, if any mistake was done, from the oc and I.o. Tapas babu. But, tapas babu demanded Rupees 2-lakh from us", she added.

But, when asked can one fake his identity as father to obtain a voter's card for anybody, Laxmi evaded the reply.
The girl's lawyer Debashis Chakraborty said:"The legal contention was not about her identity or the authenticity of her voter's card, rather about the violation of an individual's constitutional rights as well as the authority of police to detain a woman at the police station overnight without any complaint. if there are any other aspects raised by the police, the court will examine ut".

The locals rather alleged that some of their relatives who stay in the same village misled the police with ‘outsider’ theory only to harass them over a land dispute.

Meanwhile, today officer in charge of the Hanshkhali police Anindya Bose submitted his explanation before the additional chief judicial magistrate Sanghamitra Poddar in a sealed envelop. Police sources said, the security concern for the girl has been attributed as the sole reason for keeping the girl at the police station.

Hanshkhali OC Anindya Bose, however, refused to comment on the matter. Nadia superintendent of police Sishram Jhanjharia said: “We have submitted our explanation before the court”.

On yesterday ACJM Ranaghat Sanghamitra Poddar paid a surprise visit to the Hanshkhali police station reacting to a petition submitted by one Govinday Biswas of Mayurhat who alleged that his 22 year old daughter has been kept detained illegally at the police station without any complaint since December 23 night. The ACJM recovered the girl and took her to court in Ranaghat and recorded her statement before sending her to a home in Krishnanagar. Police said, the girl is an ‘outsider’ and kept at the police station for security reason as her identity was not clear.
The neighboring residents of Mayurhat-Bilpara, however, ruled out the police claim about the girl. Many residents said that they are not aware when or where the girl was born, but witnessed her gorwing up here since the came to the area constructed their houses.

Manindra Nath Mondal, a retired lans naik, said: “I know the girl as the youngest daughter of my neighbor Govinda Biswas for over last 15 years since I came to this village. I did never have any doubt and necessity about her identity or to inquire about her origin as I knew her as my neighbor’s daughter. A few years ago, this girl and Govinda’s elder girl Laxmi joined housekeeping job with a private company in Delhi. Since then she then she visits the village occasionally".

Another neighbor keshab Bhadra said: I am watching the girl for long and know her as Govinda's daughter.

Local panchayat member Anima Biswas said: “I know the Girl as Govinda's daughter even though I never talked to her. She has valid voter's card. i never felt any curiosity to inquire about her”

Local Ramen Biswas, another local said “we all in the village know that the girl is one of four daughters of Govinda”.

Givinda's wife Pushpa said, “I have three biological daughter - Laxmi, Seema and Uma. Mitu is my fourth daughter, even though I did not giver her birth”.

“The girl along with my elder daughter Laxmi came from Delhi on December 21 in connection with birthday celebration of youngest daughter Una's sin, who is married in Purulia. Police picked up her a day later in the evening”, she added.

An officer of district election cell said: “No person can not use his identity claiming a blood relation like father or mother to help a person to get a voter's card. We will investigate the matter, if referred by court, how the girl got her EPIC”.

Meanwhile , senior police officers like SDPO Ranaghat Indrajit Bose additional SP visited the girl's house on repeated occasion and talked to her parents.

SP Sishram JHANJHARIA, however, evaded to reply when asked if he found any “wrong” in the part of Hanskhali police.

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