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17 Rapes In Nadia Every Month, NCW Shocked Over Nadia Rape Data

2015-03-21 06:48

National Women Commission team member Shamima Shafique and others at the Ranaght convent. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Ranaghat, March 21: In Nadia, police receive 17 complaints of rape on an average in every month. This shocking data came out during a meeting between a team from the National Commission for Women and Officers of Nadia administration on Saturday. The commission members, who visited the Ranaghat convent on the day where an elderly nun was allegedly raped, expressed shock hearing the number of rapes in Nadia every month.

"It is really shocking for us. While speaking to the district police administration, we learnt that Nadia reports 17 cases of rape on an average every month," said Shamima Shafiq, a member of the commission.

Shafiq is the chairperson of the three-member committee the commission has set up to probe the alleged rape of the 74-year-old nun that occurred on March 14 night.

"If 17 cases are reported on monthly basis, it can be easily understood how many cases go unreported. The district police said this figure had remained the same for the past two years despite their best effort. They were embarrassed to tell us the fact. This figure in Nadia and Bengal as a whole really concerning to the commission" Shafiq added.

Shafiq said the rape ‘data’ was furnished by district police superintendent Arnab Ghosh during the meeting on Saturday where Ranaghat sub-divisional officer Rajarshi Mitra was also present.

The meeting took place after the women's commission team visited the Convent of Jesus and Mary High School.

Ghosh could not be reached for comment.

However, SDO Ranaghat Rajarshi Mitra has acknowledged that the figure was provided by the Ghosh.

“I will not make comment on the issue. It is a matter related to the police administration. I can only say that the issue came out during the meeting when the senior police officers provided the data to the commission members”, said SDO Ranaghat Rajarshi Mitra.

Shafiq today asked the Nadia police superintendent to depute an officer from whom the commission would seek periodic reports on the Ranaghat case.

"The Ranaghat incident is shocking and scary. We would track the case very seriously. What is scary is that this incident happened in an educational institution where there are girl students as well," Shafiq said. "We have learnt that the school authorities had earlier sought police protection and the state failed to provide that."

Shafiq said the Nadia police brass could not explain why protection was not offered to the Ranaghat institution.

"Seven days have passed but no arrests have been made. Everybody across the country is looking up to this case," Shafiq said.

"The commission wants to make it clear that while seeking justice, we would also like to know from the district administration what steps are being taken to prevent such untoward incidents," she added.

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