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ICDS Worker Killed By Husband In Fulia

2015-08-26 11:45

Raja showing the place from where he dug out body of her mother. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Fulia (Nadia), Aug. 26: A 15 year old boy on Tuesday night dug out the body of her missing mother from a heap of soil near his home in Boyra Krittivas village in Nadia’s Fulia and called police to lodge a complaint against his father for killing her.

The boy’s father, a cycle van paddler, however, had fled before the police arrived at the spot.

The police recovered the body of Ashima Halder (41), a ‘mid-day meal’ cook of a local primary school and sent for post mortem. She was also a member of a local keertan group.

On Wednesday morning, victim’s son Raja Halder, a student of class ten at Fulia Krittibas Smriti Vidyalaya lodged a formal complaint of murder against his father Nirapada Halder, 49, at Santipur police station.

Police has initiated a case. However, Nirapada could not be arrested till Wednesday evening.

A senior police officer said: “We have started a probe. We have talked to the boy and the neighbors. It appears that the man had killed the woman suspecting her of having an affair with a member of the keertan group of which she was associated with”.

Police said, the woman died due to strangulation as the injury marks around the neck of the woman indicate.

Local sources said, Ashima went missing on Sunday evening following a tiff with her husband Nirapada. The couple’s son Raja was not present at home as he went to watch a nigh-long football tournament in the locality.

Tapas Ghosh, a neighbor said: “We heard the couple was engaged in a fight as they often do. We only came to know about her disappearance on Monday morning when Raja started inquiring about her”.

Raja said: “On Monday morning I asked Baba about mother but he reiterated she left for Delhi. I became doubtful as I found her cloths, bag, slippers and even her purse which she always keeps with her. Moreover, she did not tell me about any such visit to Delhi. She always alerts me about her programme. Moreover, Delhi is a quite unusual place for her to visit for keertan. So I became very doubtful. I called our relatives, but found no trace of her. I also made contact the members of her keertan team who also had no idea about her. I became suspicious about my father when he discouraged me to lodge a missing diary yesterday. So I started noticing his movement”.

“On Tuesday night at about 9 PM, I noticed that Baba was trying to level a heap of soil stacked near a ditch behind our house. The time was quite unusual to do the job. Seeing me he left but returned soon again. Seeing me again he started fleeing, this made me suspicious. So I started digging the heap of the soil. Soon one of the hands of my mother appeared before me. I dug out the entire body and called my father. But, I could not find him there. Neighbors rushed in for help who told that he was seen running fast. I then realized that Baba killed my mother and then called police to lodge complaint against him”

“My father has reservation about my mother signing in the keertan team and spending nights out of home. I knew she very devoted to God. I was shocked as I never imagined that my father could kill her for this reason”, Raja said while breaking down in tears. 

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