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Husband Arrested For Kalyani Law Student Murder

2016-12-10 19:31

Nikhil Sen, the Accused husband of Moumita

Kalyani, Dec. 10: Police today arrested estranged husband of slain law student Moumita Biswas, for killing her on Wednesday night.

The investigating officials claimed that Nikhil Sen (24), who was separated from Moumita, has confessed during interrogation that he shot her dead being rankled of her “reckless lifestyle” and “multiple affairs” that she developed since she left her in-laws’ house early this year.

Nikhil was produced before the additional chief judicial magistrate’s court today, who ordered six days police custody for him.

He was charged under section 302, 120 (b), 34 of IPC and under section 25 (27) of Indian arms act.

Nadia’s superintendant of police Sishram Jhanjharia, who personally led the interrogation last night, said: “We have arrested deceased girl’s husband after he confessed his crime during interrogation. He confessed to have shot dead her by a firearm which he possessed from a Titagarh based miscreants. The accused told the police that he was invited by the victim to Kalyani and killed her following an altercation as he realized that she got involved to multiple affairs and demanding money at regular intervals to maintain and reckless immoral life”.

The sleuths, however, could not recover the 7mm gun which was allegedly used to kill the girl. Nikhil told us that he thrown the firearm to a pond adjacent to the place of crime on that night, an investigating officer said.

Nikhil, however, denied the police claim and refuted to have made any confession. “I was with Moumita as she called me to meet her Kalyani. But, I did not kill her. The truth would come out gradually”, Nikhil told reporters while being taken to court.

Nikhil’s lawyer Satyabrata Mandal said: “Police has implicated Nikhil with fake allegation. He was in the shop during the crime. Police has no conclusive evidence against Nikhil so far”.

Nikhil’s father Shyamal Kumar Sen, an automobile spare parts supplier said: “I do not believe that my son could commit such crime. I have checked with locals and learnt that he was in the shop when the girl was actually killed. Even the girl’s father came to his shop and seen him there when the girl was missing”.

The sleuths, however, termed Nikhil’s statement as a ploy to disclaim a fact which he personally confessed during the overnight interrogation.

According to the sleuths Moumita came to Kalyani early in the afternoon and went to watch a movie at a multiplex in Kalyani with a youth from Shyamnagar, a B Sc final year student of Naihati’s RBC College. After watching the movie, she left the youth and called Nikhil to meet her in Kalyani.

“We checked her four sim cards used in two phones and scanned messages to know that it was Moumita called Nikhil. He came to Kalyani on a bike”, a sleuth said.

“But, Nikhil came with a motive for a violent end if he came to know about the multiple affairs of Moumita. On his way to Kalyani he collected a firearm from a Titagarh based miscreant who is out on bail now. He met Moumita, visited a food stall in Kalyani and then got involved into an altercation after she turned down Nikhil’s request to resume their conjugal life. Moumita abused him with some slang words. Nikhil lost his cool and shot her twice stopping his bike on the mid of the road. Moumita fall on the ground from the bike and Nikhil fled away”, an investigating officer said.

“Nikhil broke down before us and said it was became unable to see that Moumita being his wife have multiple extra marital affairs and was not in a mood to resume a normal conjugal life”, the officer added.

Nikhil also told reporters that Moumita become a spoiled girl. “She was a nice girl. I loved her. But, she changed gradually. Her father initially brain washed her against me. But lately she became a bad girl. I knew all these. She used to squeeze me demanding money”, he told reporters.

“O kakhono 500 taka chaito, kakhono 200 taka chaito. But it became unbearable”, he said.

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