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HP LPG Tanker Overturned On NH 34 In Nadia

2015-01-23 16:50

The overturned LPG tanker on NH 34 in Bathna village of Nadia. Picture By ABHI GHOSH


Santipur, January 22: Traffic movement stalled on NH-34 following a LPG tanker of Hindustan Petroleum overturned near Bathna village of Nadia’s Santipur on Thursday afternoon.

However, a major tragedy was averted as there was no leakage of LPG.

The local administration, as a precautionary measure, diverted traffic movement to Ranaghat-Krishnanagar by- pass.

Nevertheless, a large number of vehicles had to remain stranded on the road till late in the evening, while rescue team started operation to lift the tanker using crane.

A team of Santipur police and disaster management team have cordoned off the area and people from adjacent houses evacuated as a precautionary measure.

According to local sources, at around 1 PM, the Purnea bound tanker over turned after its driver lost control of the vehicle.

“The mishap took place near Bathna Krittivas on NH-34 bypass, as the tanker was approaching towards Krishnanagar, carrying 16.5 tons of LPG. The Tanker overturned after it was detached from the pulling engine, which also over turned”, a local said”, a police officer said.

Anjani Kumar, Senior manager (distribution) of Hindustan Petroleum said: “The tanker had filled up LPG from Haldia plant and it was going to a bottling plant Purnea in Bihar. It is not clear to us that how the accident took place”.

“After we got the news of accident, we immediately sought help of Indian Oil officials from Kalyani, who responded and rushed to the spot to comment rescue operation. Our senior officers have also rushed to the spot so that the tanker could be shifted within Thursday night. Fortunately, there was no leakage so far. A big crane was called to the spot for lifting the tanker. Since the tanker was filled with a large quantity of LPG, the lifting process took time, but we are hopeful to do the job within Thursday night”, said Anjani Kumar.

A police officer said: “Since the tank had LPG in it, and to be cautious that it should not catch fire, we have no option but to block the traffic. The traffic was diverted to Ranaghat – Krishnanagar bypass and to the old stretch of NH-34 that passed through the Santipur town”.

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