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HP LPG Distributor Accused Of Dishonoring National Emblem

2015-01-24 20:24

The part of the acknowledgment where the Ashoka Stambh printed on the bottomline


Krishnanagar, Jan. 23: A LPG distributing centre in Nadia’s Birnagar owned by local Trinamul Congress leader and Birnagar Municipality’s Chairman Partho Chatterjee, has been accused of disrespecting the ‘Ashoka Stambh’ – country’s National emblem.

M/s Kshetranath gas distributing centre, a retail LPG distributor of Hindustan Petroleum, located on Aranghata road in Birnagar, which is jointly owned by Partho Chatterjee with his wife Sumana, has been found issuing acknowledgment slips for Aadhar linkage application form to the customers, with the National emblem printed on the bottom-line. The more insolent part is that the accused distributor’s officials have been signing above the emblem.

Some customers pleaded the distributor’s officials to stop issuing the acknowledgement, but they allegedly misbehaved.

Samar Kumar Chakraborty, a retired head constable of central industrial security force (CISF), who resides in Badkulla, has brought the matter to the notice of Nadia district magistrate P.B.Salim on Friday.

Chakraborty has lodged a written complaint to the DM requesting him to take necessary action against the alleged ‘disgrace’ of the National emblem.

Chakraborty said: “The Ashoka Stambh is not just our National emblem; it is rather the highest symbol of National identity of India.  So printing it on the bottom line of a paper and signing it above it is utter disrespect to the National emblem. Moreover, a gas distributor has no authority to use it on his stationary. Many customers, whom I know, had on a number of occasion requested not to issue such receipts, but they paid no heed to their appeal”.

Partho Chatterjee, who switched over to Trinamul Congress from Congress in September 2013 and became the chairman of the Trinamul led Municipality, did not respond calls made to his mobile.

His close aides in the party claimed that Chatterjee is no more owns the distribution centre. ‘His wife Sumana is now the official proprietor’, said the aide. However, the official web site of Hindustan Petroleum suggests that Chatterjee jointly owns Kshetranath gas distributing centre.

However, couple’s son Prateem, who claimed to have been looking after the business ‘apologized’ and confessed the mistake.

“We got the stationary printed as per the format supplied by the Hindustan Petroleum. In the sample provided to us, the National emblem was printed at the bottom of the page. Nevertheless, I have realized that it is an absolute blunder on our part. The printer has also committed the mistake. However, we overlooked the matter under hectic pressure of the customers. Nevertheless, I unconditionally apologize for the mistake and assure to withdraw the forms immediately”, said Prateem.

However, Siddhinath Jha, area sales manager of HP rubbished his claim. “The company never issued any such instruction or stationary to any distributor in which the National emblem is printed in a disrespectful position. A LPG distributor is also not entitled to print any such stationary for his official purpose with the National emblem. If the distributor has printed any stationary in such manner, he has definitely committee an offence. The matter will be looked into by the company and action will be taken against him”.

District Magistrate of Nadia P.B.Salim said: “Any disrespect to the National emblem is a punishable offence. The National emblem should always be printed only be the eligible persons as per the prescribed schedule of constitution on the top or top right side of the stationary. If the distributor has printed it on the bottom-line and signing above it, he has done an offence. I will inquire the matter and take necessary legal step against the distributor”.

A senior officer of state administration said: “The State Emblem of India (Regulation of Use) Rules, 2007 has laid down the persons who can use the Emblem in official stationary, on cars and on other objects”.

“If any person makes commercial usage of the National Emblem, he would liable for punishment with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than six months and may be extended to two years with fine a fine of maximum Rupees five thousand”, the officer said.

The Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971 prohibits desecration of any National symbols, like flag, emblem and an inquiry can also be set up against any person or authorities under this act.

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