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Homemaker Killed And Hanged For Dowry In Chakdaha

2015-10-19 19:58

Police taking away body of Nayanmoni for post mortem

Nayanmoni in Dharna in front of her inlaws' home few days before her death.


Chakdaha, Oct. 19: A 26 year old homemaker was allegedly killed and hanged later by her husband and in laws in Nadia’s Shimurali during the early hours of Monday morning for nonpayment of full amount of dowry.  The incident flared up tension as angry mob beaten up the husband and in laws before set their house on fire.

The angry mob kept the police gheraoed for about four hours and refused to allow them to take the body until they arrested woman’s husband and also denied entry to the fire fighting team when it came to the spot to douse fire.

Police arrested prime accused Mintu Mandal, husband of victim home maker Nayanmani Mandal. However, victim’s Majid and mother Sajida, however, managed to flee.

In last month the victim woman was on a dharna for four days after she was evicted from home due to nonpayment of dowry by her father and denied entry.

An investigating officer said: “It appears that the woman was strangulated first and then hanged to show it as a suicide. The inquest revealed a number of injury marks on the body apart from the strangulation marks”

Locals claimed that on Sunday night they heard Nayanmani was crying. They alleged that she was tortured and then killed by her husband Mintu.

Habu Sheikh, a neighbor said: “We suspect that Mintu and his parents killed Nayan and then taken the body on the roof from where they hanged it from the adjacent neem tree which is quite reachable from the roof”.

Nadia superintendant of police Bharatlal Meena said: “We have arrested the husband of the deceased woman. A murder case has also been started on the basis of the complaint lodged by victim’s father”.

The angry villager, nevertheless, dug -up the floor of a room in the charred building as they have planned to bury Nayanmani’s body once the post mortem is done”.

A local said: “The culprits denied her right to stay at this house. We will ensure her stay permanently and her in laws will live with her soul permanently as they evicted her and tortured for dowry”

According to police, Nayanmani, a resident of Shimurali-Shikarpur got married to Mintu during February this year after a courtship. Mintu agreed to marry Nayanmani on the condition of payment of Rupees two lakhs as dowry. However, the girl’s father Rahim Mandal; a small farmer could pay only Rupees 1.60 lakh so far. This angered Mintu and his parent who started torturing Nayanmani.

Nayanmani’s father Rahim Mandal said: “Mintu had a demand for Rupees two lakhs which I assured to pay for happiness of my daughter. I sold my agricultural land and also a part of residential land. Nevertheless, I could not gather more than Rupees 1.60 lakh which I paid to Mintu. I assured him to pay the balance amount soon. Despite that Mintu and his parents started torturing my daughter. They evicted my daughter from home barely within a month. However, she went back to her in laws house in Jatrapur during the first week of September. But, her husband and in-laws refused her entry there. As a result she sat on a protest dharna in front of her in laws house. They compelled to give an entry local complaint against them to Chakdaha police”.

Police sources said, on September 6, Inspector in charge of Chakdaha police Pintu Saha visited Mintu’s home and said legal action will be initiated unless he allows her to stay at the in laws house.

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