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Head Teacher Beaten Up on Teachers' Day In Nadia

2015-09-05 21:09

Head teacher Rajibul Sheikh at hospital

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Tehatta, Sept. 5:A head teacher of a primary school in Nadia’s Tehatta was allegedly kicked and punched in front of about 200 pulpil by a CPI (M) leader during the Teachers’ day celebration at the school on Saturday. The teacher was hospitalised as he fell unconscious sustaining multiple injuries.

The teacher – Rajibul Sheikh’s fault was - he refused to issue a character certificate to CPI (M)’s Sahebpara local committee member Manizul Mandal for his nephew Newton Mandal, a former student of the Baro-NaldaPrimary school, because his title did not match with the school record.

School sources said, in school record Newton’s title was entered as “Sheikh” for which the head teacher told the leader that he would only issue the certificate as per the school record.

Accused Manizul is also husband of Tehatta-II panchayat samity’s CPI (M) member Halima Biwi.

Beaten up brutally in front of the students, the teachers fell unconscious. The locals were alerted by the children who rushed him to Palashipara block hospital where he was admitted with multiple injuries.

A team of Tehatta police visited the hospital in the evening and talked to the injured teacher to get a complaint registered against the leader.

A senior police officer said: “We have started a case against Manizul Mandal for beating up the teacher and rampaging at the school. However, he went absconding”.

According to local sources, trouble broke out a little after the Teachers’ day celebration began at the Baro-Nalda primary school on Saturday afternoon.

A teacher of the school said: “We all the teachers joined the programme and narrating the importance of the teachers’ day to the student when Manizul barged inside the campus and called the head master to listen him immediately”.

Head teacher Rajibul Sheikh told from the hospital bed: “Manizul babu asked me to issue a character certificate for his nephew Newton Mondal immediately. I told him to wait as a programme on Teachers’’ day was going on. However, as he insisting to do it fast, I checked records and found that Newton’s title was recorded as “Sheikh” instead of “Mondal”. So I told him that I would only issue the certificate as per the school record. But, Manizul insisted to issue to as “Mondal”, which I did not agree. I reiterated to convince him that I cannot ignore school record. I told him that I have joined the shcool recently and cannot comment on any mistake done by my predecessor in entering the name of the student. But he lost his cool and started abusing me”.

“When I protested he said Tehatta has CPI (M) MLA, the local panchayat and panchayat samity are run by CPI (M). So I must oblige him. I nevertheless, remained firm to my point. He then became violent and kicked my chair. I fell on the ground when started kicking and punching me at random. He kicked the table, had thrown away the official registers and broken chairs. My colleagues had tried to resist him, but beaten up. I heard the children screaming aloud before I become unconscious”, Rajibul added.

Sources said, accused Manizul had even hit Rajibul with a broken piece of glass top of his table which he ransacked.

A doctor at Palashipara block hospital said: “The teacher has injuries on his head, chest and on legs. There were deep cut marks on his legs apparently done by sharp objects. We have advised him to do a scan of his head”.

When contacted, accused Manizul, however, refuted the allegations. He said: “I have been framed by the teacher. No such incident happened at all”. His wife Halima Biwi refused to comment on the matter.

Local CPI (M) leader and zilla parishad member Sunil Kar said: “I am not aware of the incident. I will inquire and appraise the party if any such incident occurred at all”.

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