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Hangloo Sticks To Resignation, Set To Return To Hyderabad University

2015-10-04 21:32

Vice chancellor Rattanlal Hangloo in a painful mood. Picture by SOVAN CHAUDHURI


Kalyani, Oct. 4: A Pained professor Rattanlal Hangloo, vice chancellor of Kalyani University has decided not to take his resignation letter back as requested by the Governor Kesharinath Tripathy.

Hangloo has made up his mind to leave the Kalyani University by end of this week. He would meet the Governor on Monday to appraise him about his decision to request him to accept his resignation at the earliest.

Professor Hangloo has also made his decision public in a facebook posting today, where he said he would be available in Hyderabad soon.

The decision unleashed a shock wave among large section of his colleagues in Kalyani University, particularly a day after the Fee review committee announced “withdrawal” of the fee hike on Saturday.

“It is my decision and there is no question to retract from it. I have due respect for the Chancellor whom I have appealed to relieve me soon”, Hangloo said.

Hangout, would, however, soon write a book about his stay in Kalyani University.

“I would soon try to make time to write my memories in Kalyani University. I came here on a mission leaving many fascinating assignments. But, I feel sorry that I have been compelled to leave in mid way”, he said.

On October 1 he faxed resignation letter to the Governor after kept confined about 21 hours along with 17 others University officers by a section of post graduate students demanding an exemption of admission fees. The Governor refused to accept the resignation and asked him to continue. But, an undignified statement of education minister Partha Chatterjee made on Saturday that it is the state government, not the Governor would decide his ‘fate’, compelled to stick to his decision to leave ultimately.

“I just do not want more to stay in his world. I will take hardly two more days to pack up and leave Kalyani. I will initially go back to Hyderabad. I would also consider an academic assignment in Moscow”, he said.

Asked about the statement of education minister, Hangloo, refused to make any comment.

“I am really pained to offer any comment on his statement. I can just say that the state government has nothing to do with my resignation. It is my decision. Neither the state government can keep me nor can it remove me. However, I have resigned and I will stick to my decision. It is final. I have also told this to the Chancellor and requested him to relieve me soon”, he said.

“The Governor has asked me to meet him on Monday when I will appraise him about everything”, Hangloo added.

Hangloo refused to make any comment about the students’ agitation that eventually led him to resign.

“I have no allegations against the students. They were like my children. But, they were easily influenced by persons who have vested interest in University affairs. The fee hike is just an excuse to unsettle the endeavor for development which I undertaken. But, people will definitely realize that I tried my best to raise the infrastructure and the academic standard of the Kalyani University”, he said.

“But I failed due to a concerted conspiracy of some political leaders, who made a nexus with private B Ed college owners, a section of corrupted employees and teachers of the University”, he added.

Meanwhile, a large section of the University officers feel that with the resignation of Hangloo, the development programmes of the University will be seriously suffered.

“The fee hike helped the University to generate own fund to add to the development. The centre and state provide funds, but sometimes, these are not enough. Professor Hangloo had shown courage to raise the fund after 12 years for sake of development of infrastructure and for the students as he made a students’ aid fund for the first time. But, everything will be suspended now”, an officer said.

University’s Development officer professor Alok Ghosh said: “Now the state government will be responsible if the ongoing development projects suffer due to lack of fund. I hope the state government which has been interfering the university affairs without any locus standi would not act in positive way and grant sufficient funds for development”.

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