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Hangloo Not To Quit; Told Students To 'Negotiate', Not To 'Agitate'

2015-10-07 22:40

KU VC Rattanlal Hangloo speaking at an interactive session with students at Kalyani University auditorium on Wednesday. Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, Oct. 7: Overwhelmed with support and solidarity expressed by the teachers, officers and the students, Kalyani University vice chancellor professor Rattanlal Hangloo today announced to withdraw his resignation letter. Hangloo’s decision to stay back also came following Governor Kesharinath Tripathy reiterated his refusal to accept it on Wednesday.

A pained Hangloo said that he would ‘continue’ as wished by the chancellor and demanded by the students, but at the same time advised them to be politically ‘conscious’, instead of being ‘politicized’ being influenced by 'Outisders'. He advised the students to ‘negotiate’ to settle grievances, but not to ‘agitate’ violently.

Speaking to the media person after a long open interactive session with the students at the university auditorium, Hangloo said: “I have decided to withdraw my resignation showing respect to the emotions of the officers, teachers and students who have been repeatedly urging me to change my mind. Moreover, the Governor has also categorically made it clear that he would not accept my resignation and asked me to”.

“In the last two days hundreds of students met me urging me to change my mind. All the teachers and officers also made similar request. This has literally melted my heart. I have made up my mind to forget the episode that unfolded during the past few days”, he added.

Asked if fresh ‘outside’ influence again mobilize unrest in the campus, Hangloo said: “I am optimistic that students would now resist such forces”.

Hangloo has, however, made it clear that he is not to “mend” his ways to win heart of the ‘outside’ forces that has been repeatedly creating unrest inside the campus.

“I am not doing any unlawful business that I should be bothered to mend my ways. I am here not to make any compromise”, Hangloo added.

Later in the evening a prominent Trinamul Congress MP called him over phone and thanked him for withdrawing his decision.

Earlier on the day speaking at a students' assembly Hangloo told students: “I have called you all to express my agony today. The aspiration which I had that I will make the Kalyani University a good brand is lost. I think my dream is lost”

“University is like your mother. But unfortunately you do not bother to deface it when some bike-borne outsiders or some teachers influence you”.

He said: “I do mind students’ involvement in politics. Students should be politically conscious. But they should not be a tool to be politicized. JNU students are politically conscious. JNU made parliamentarian like Sitaram Yechuri, but he never done any “gundagardi” or locked his VC or registrar to settle his grievance ever”.

Hangloo had shown a documentary film to the students about the development initiatives he has undertaken since joining during November 2013.

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