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Girls Fell Ill In Suffocation Panic At School, Hospitalized

2015-07-21 19:14


Ranaghat, July 21: In what seems to be a case of mass hysteria, 52 girl students of Napara high school in Ranaghat fell ill on Tuesday after they thought they would be suffocated in a packed classroom during a power cut. All the students were admitted to Ranaghat sub divisional hospital and kept under observation till the report last came in.

The incident occurred at the room of class ten’s C section a little after the first period had commenced.

While the Guardians of the students have alleged insufficient ventilation in the class room that led to feel suffocated, the doctors attending the students found no general common symptoms among the students.

Superintendant of the Ranaghat Sub divisional hospital Shyamal Porey said: “We have examined over 50 students who have different ailments like nausea, headache, respiratory trouble, restlessness, abdominal pain. All the students have been administered the required medicine as per their symptoms. They have been kept under observation. Their condition is quite stable and expectedly discharged today itself. The doctors have no found no serious problem in the students. It appears that the students were panicked and gradually fell ill in a mass hysteria”.

Sub divisional officer of Ranaghat Rajarshi Mitra, who visited the school and the hospital to see the students. He later ordered examination of the drinking water available at the school.

“I have ordered an examination of the water that the student drink at the school to find if their sudden illness has anything due to water. I have also talked to the doctors who said that the students are recuperating fast and likely to discharged soon”, SDO said.

According to Basudeb Das, head master of the school, two girls were initially had fell ill.

“They told the class teacher about some uneasiness including respiratory trouble, head ace. We did not take any risk and sent them to hospital after informing their guardians”, Das said.

Sangeeta Biswas, a class 10-C student, who fell ill and admitted to hospital, said: “I was feeling uneasiness and suffocating inside the class room. There was no power. The fans were off. Our class room was packed with around 75 students, which is quite small to accommodate such big number of students. The absence of sufficient window often makes it tough to stay inside the classroom during summer. Today the windows were closed for rain that made quite difficult to us. I feel suffocated and fell unconscious. I later found myself at the hospital bed”.

Students like Sumita Mondal and Koyel Biswas also echoed Sangeeta.

Head master Basudeb Das said: “The 10-C class room is located amidst two other rooms. The class room has two common side walls with adjacent rooms for which no window could be provided. It has only two windows and a door, which could make the room suffocating”.

Hiran Mondal, a guardian of a student said: “The room is suffocating and also has poor visibility. The overall ambiance of the room is quite unhealthy and unhygienic. It is also too small to accommodate 75 students. We told the school management to shift the students to a spacious classroom but, they paid no heed to the appeal”.

Uttam Kumar Ghosh, secretary of the school managing committee said: “We will see whether students fell ill due to the unhealthy situation of the class room. If it is so the students will be shifted in a better room if available”.

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