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Girl Died As Her Dupatta Entangled To Wheels

2015-03-13 06:01


Krishnanagar, March 13: A 12 year old girl from Burdwan’s Mazira died on the way to a hospital in Nadia’s Nabadweep on Friday morning when her dupatta got entangled in one of the rear wheels of the tricycle-van she was travelling.

The bizarre incident occurred at Madhaipur Ghat under Burdwan district, close to Nabadweep town, when the girl was going to Nabadweep state general hospital in Pratapnagar along with her mother Sima Ghosh for eye check up for her grandfather Mohon Ghosh, who was also travelling in the same van.

The deceased girl was identified as Swati Ghosh, who was a student of class six at the Mazira high school under Purbasthali police station in Burdwan district.

The victim girl was the only child of a farm labor, identified as Ashish Ghosh, who was at home when the incident occurred.

Sources said, the trio took a train from Patuli station under Bandel-Katwa section on Friday morning and disembarked at Bhandartikuri station at around 9.30 Am and from there they took a tricycle van to reach Nabadweep state general hospital.

Police said, the accident occurred when both end of the girl’s dupatta got caught in left side rear wheel of the tricycle van that strangulated her making a noose around her neck until she was pulled off the tricycle van.

The girl was rushed to the Nabadweep state general hospital in an unconscious state, where she was declared brought dead.

A doctor at the hospital said: "The girl apparently died due to strangulation caused by the tightened noose of her dupatta. However, the exact cause behind the death could only be confirmed through the autopsy".

The hospital authority informed the Nabadweep police about the incident, which later sent the body for post mortem to Saktinagar district hospital in Krishnanagar.

“It almost happened suddenly. My daughter fell on the ground before I could realize what happened”, said girl’s mother Sima Ghosh, while crying inconsolably.

“We are in a hurry to reach the hospital as we got delayed. I seated in the back side of the van, while my daughter and her grandfather seated in the front side. I had no idea that her dupatta got entangled in the wheels. I cold realize when she fell on the ground”, added the girl’s mother.

Girl’s grandfather Mohon Ghosh, 65, was also crying inconsolably, murmuring: “It all happened for me”.

An officer of Nabadweep police station said: “The incident was actually occurred within the jurisdiction of Burdwan police, we, nevertheless, started a case of unnatural death as the victim first reach the Nabadweep state general hospital. The hospital authorities also informed us about the incident. We have also appraised the Purbasthali police station about the incident. We will also interrogate the tricycle van peddler to know what exactly happened”.

The van peddler, however, could not be identified. He also escaped after dropping the trio at the Nabadweep state general hospital.

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