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Fateful Convent Area Where Nun Brutalized Included To Ranaghat Police

2015-05-01 22:00


Principal of Convent of Jesus and Mary speaking on the programme on re-inclusion of Baidyapur-II village panchayat to Ranaghat police station on Friday evening. Picture by ABHI GHOSH

Ranaghat, May 1: People living in Don Boscopara of Ranaghat, where an elderly nun was brutalized, will henceforth seek police assistance from Ranaghat police station, instead of Gangnapur, which is about 14-km away from the locality.

Accepting the long standing demand of the local people, the state government on Friday formally brought the – Baidyapur-II panchayat area under Ranaghat police station, after reorganizing the jurisdiction Gangnapur and Ranaghat police station.

The local people was formally appraised by the new arrangement in a meeting organized by the Nadia zilla parishad at a local Christian community hall on Friday evening, adjacent to convent of Jesus and Mary high school in Ranaghat.

Senior officials in district administration feel that the new arrangement would pacify the grievance of the local people, particularly the brewing tension that surfaced up after the March 14 rape and robbery at the Convent of Jesus and Mary high school.

On March 15 morning after the attack on Ranaghat convent came to light, the locals Christians in Don Bosco Para blocked NH-34 and Railway tracks demanding re-inclusion of the area to Ranaghat police station.

Sister Shanti, principal of the school and one of the nuns, who was present during the fateful incident, has welcomed the government decision. Speaking at the meeting she said: “This will be immensely helpful to local people who would now be able to approach police station immediately. However, I will pray to God so that people in the area can live in peace and face no trouble to seek police assistance”.

Local Paris priest Father Saroj also welcomed the arrangement. 

Speaking to the people, Nadia superintendent of police Arnab Ghosh said: “The government has issued the notification on April 30 respecting the demand of the local people, which we conveyed to it in last month. Re-demarcation of jurisdiction of a police station is a complicated task, but the government has done it with highest priority”.

“The demand of the local people was quite logical as the distance of the Gangnapur police station often discourage people to seek police assistance. There was no direct transport facility to Gangnapur police station. As a result the people in Baidyapur area were facing tremendous administrative problem. But, things will change now. They will be able to access Ranaghat police station, which barely within 1-km from their area. It will on the other hand help the police to reduce crime and particularly accidents on the NH34”, the SP further added.

Nadia district officials said the area was earlier under the Ranaghat police station, which was bifurcated in 2008. The Don Bosco Para, where the Convent of Jesus and MaryHigh School is located, came under the Gangnapur police station, which has under it a jurisdiction of 102sqkm.

Additional SP Nadia Ajoy Prasad said: “It was a logical administrative problem. Due to this bifurcation policing become difficult, with patrolling teams taking times to reach the spot where a crime has been committed”.

Local resident Ronny Gomes said: “it takes at least one hour to reach the Gangnapur by road. During night the people find no way to go to police station, due to absence of any transport system. But, this will enable the police to respond quickly”

Due to inclusion of Baidyapur area additional personnel would be involved. The Ranaghat police station at present has eight officers and 20 constables.

SP said: “We have initially planned to bring some force from Gangnapur as their policing area is reduced.”

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