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Farmers Paint Vegetables With Inedible Color, Arrested

2016-07-23 22:00

Parwal laced with inedible poisonous color

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Tehatta, July 23: A section of vegetable wholesalers today put up road blockade in Nadia’s Tehatta after police arrested three of them allegedly for painting green vegetables like parwal (pointed gourd) with inedible color that is harmful to health. The blockade demanding the release of the wholesalers was withdrawn after two hours after police made it clear that there would be no compromise on health issue.

Police said, parwal and other green vegetables are often painted with green color so that it looks bright and fresh to fascinate customers.

Earlier in the morning a team of Tehatta police, led conducted a raid at the wholesale vegetable market in Shyamnagar village, where a large number of farmers regularly come to sale their produce.

Police caught three wholesalers – Sanatan Mandal, Nirmal Das and Dasarath Mandal while they were painting parwal with green colors. Three containers of color were also recovered from the spot.

Superintendent of police of Nadia Sishram Jhanjharia said: “We have arrested three wholesalers and charged them under section 272 (adulteration of food), 273 (selling noxious food) of IPC and under Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954. We have been making awareness programme against painting vegetables in the area for past few months. Nevertheless, a section of the farmers and wholesalers blatantly violating our instructions creating health hazards”. 

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