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Employees Help Colleague's Daughter

2016-08-18 16:59

BDO Tehatta - 1 handing over the cash certificates to Adrita


Tehatta (Nadia), Aug. 18: 8 year old Adrita lost her mother when she was just 2. In last month (July) the little girl from Nadia’s Tehatta become orphan when her father died of leukemia. But, the employees of Tehatta-I block development office where her father worked as a contractual computer assistant, have come to support her so that her world does not end with untimely demise of her parents.

In a unique gesture, around 150 regular and contractual employees of Tehatta-I BDO office yesterday handed over fixed deposit certificate of Rupees 1.43 lakh to little Adrita, a large part of which they have contributed saving the Tiffin allowances provided by the election commission for doing recently concluded assembly poll related jobs.

In similar gesture Tehatta gram panchayat authority, under whose jurisdiction Adrita lives, have adopted a permanent resolution to bear all the expenses of her education. A bank account has been opened for her where the required expenses will be credited by the panchayat authorities every month. Adrita’s widowed grand mother Swarnarani Chakraborty would operate the account until she become eligible for independent transaction.

Tehatta – I block development officer Jahangir Moullick said: “This is a very small, but a quite compassionate initiative undertaken by the employees of this block office to save the life the life of the. I am very happy to be a part of this initiative”.

In April this year Adrita’s father Manojit Chakraborty was diagnosed leukemia. His colleagues said that it was too late for him to get cured. Manojit fell ill and died abruptly barely within a month on July 8. The sudden death of Manojit led the employees to do something for sake of her little daughter.

Manas Banerjee, a clerk attached to Tehatta-I BDO office said: “Manojit was very sincere worker. His death was quite shocking to us. He lost his wife Shraboni in 2010 in an accident. Since her death, Manojit’s prime objective was to make her daughter stand in life. So, we decided to contribute little to materialize his dream. We all the employees decided contribute the entire amount of Rupees 43820, which we received as tiffin allowances for doing the poll related jobs. But, many of said that it would not be enough for the girl. So we further collected Rupees 1-lakh as additional contribution from the employees. On Tuesday we deposited a gross amount of Rupees 1.43 lakh in a 10-years’ fixed deposit scheme of Allahabad bank. Yesterday we handed over the deposit certificate to the girl’s grand mother who is now her legal guardian”.

The deposited amount will become Rupees 2.93 lakhs on maturity, which can be reinvested, said an official.

The balance amount of Rupees 820.oo has been deposited in the newly opened bank account of Adrita, where the Tehatta panchayat credit her expenses of study regularly.

On Thursday Adrita, the class three girl of Mandalpara primary school, stood silent at the BDO Janganir Moullick’s chamber with tears rolling down from her eyes. The deposit papers were received by her grandmother Swarnarani Chakraborty.

President of Trinamul Congress run Tehatta panchayat samity Sanjoy Dutta said: “We will pay her from the ‘own resource fund’ of the gram panchayat. This has been adopted as a permanent resolution. We hope, any party, who come in power in this panchayat would respect this resolution for sake of the girl”.

BDO Jahangir Moullick said: “I was moved when the employees said that they will not physically receive their tiffin allowance, but requested me to make a fund using the amount so that it can be used to help the Manojit’s daughter”.

“The employees have further developed the fund for her. Meanwhile, I have written to the higher authorities for paying compensation to the girl as the chief minister recently announced that kin of contractual workers would be eligible for their untimely or accidental death. Apart from this the administration will arrange all possible helps to the girl and also include her to the Kanyashree scheme when she would become eligible”.

Adrita’s grand mother Swarnarani said: “I am thankful to all the employees of the BDO office. It is great that they have taken up the responsibility of Adrita as their own child”.

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