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Electric Bill For Nadia Labor With No Connection

2016-11-01 23:18

the electric bill


Chakdaha, Nov. 1: A construction labor in Nadia’s Shimurali has so far not been provided with electric connection has been asked by West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) to pay power consumption charges for his home.

Sujan Biswas (28), a resident of Shimurali-Priyanagar, who has been waiting for power supply for the last nine months and has been requesting WBSEDCL to link his home with electric pole since a meter was installed at his home, was asked it to pay Rupees 398 as power consumption charge.

The bill came as a shock to Sujan.

In February this year the WBSEDCL team had erected a pole near to his home and installed the meter. But, since then they forgot to connect his house with the pole during the last nine months.

Nevertheless, Sujan was issued a power consumption bill for Rupees 398 for three months (September to December.

On Monday Sujan to his surprise received the bill from WBSEDCL and immediately made contact with the Madanpur station manager’s office, who eventually acknowledged it as a “mistake”.

Sujan said: “Since about last nine months I have been repeatedly persuading the WBSEDCL officials in Madanpur to connect power to my house since it installed the meter and erected pole, but nothing was done. They came to my house one day during March and left a roll of wires assuring me to come soon to connect my house with the pole erected on the road side. However, they never came back despite I visited the Madanpur station manager’s office on several times with the same plea”.

Sujan along with other neighbors in Shimurali Priyanagar appealed for power connection during May 2013.  During June 2013, the WBSEDC conducted inquiry in the area. The inquiry suggested that a number of new poles were required to provide power supply in the area. Later as per the quotation given by the WBSEDCL the villagers deposited Rupees five hundred twenty one as security deposit and Rupees two hundred as meter charge. Sujan also paid the said amount on January 13, 2014. After this poles were erected in the area and WBSEDCL provided connection to other applicants during the past one year.

However, nothing was done to link Sujan’s house with electric pole.

“This year during February, the WBSEDCL officials came to my house and installed a meter. They also brought a roll of electric cable. They handed over it to me asking to keep it properly assuring me to come soon to connect the cable with pole. But, in the last nine months they never turned up to my house. On several occasions, I visited the station managers house in Madanpur and Divisional engineer’s office in Kalyani to request them to connect power as my all my neighbors got connection. I also submitted written appeals to WBSEDCL office on a number of times with last one submitted on September 23, 2016. But, nothing was done so far. Nevertheless, today I was shocked to receive the bill. It was not of a big amount, but baseless one to harass a person”.

The bill amounting to Rupees 398 issued on 13-9-2016 states September 9 as meter reading date against Sujan’s customer ID 301788958. It also states previous meter reading date as January 25 and next meter reading date as November 16. The maximum payment date stipulated as November 22.

WBSEDCL’s Madanpur station manager Satyaranjan Sarkar rushed to Sujan’s residence after he visited his office with the bill on Monday afternoon.

Sarkar examined installed meter, checked the pole and later apologized before Sujan for the mistake. He also assured him to provide connection within a week time.

When asked, Sarkar said: “It is a mistake without doubt. But, I authorized to comment on the mistake. I will ensure so that the person gets connection within a week and also try to find out why the connection delayed so much unnecessarily even after installing the meter”.

An official at WBSEDCL's Kalyani Divisional Engineer's office said: "We would conduct an inquiry. Preliminary it appears that it was done due to fault of the agency which was assigned the job to supply power after  installing poll and meter at the person's house. Most probably they submitted a false report and based on which an average bill was prepared".

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