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Elderly Woman Asked To Repay Loan That Never Taken

2015-01-13 23:20


Karimpur (Nadia), Jan. 13: A 74 year old woman from Nadia’s Thanarpara has lodged a complaint to the Reserve Bank of India’s ombudsman cell against United Bank of India’s Karimpur branch accusing it for paying an agricultural loan to a fictitious woman against her 2 acres land forging her land records and voters card.

The elderly illiterate woman could only come to know about the loan when the bank in last month issued a letter to her asking to repay the loan which she never had taken in reality.

A shocked Amina Khatun Biwi, 74, a resident of Dogachi-Sahebpara in Thanarpara, finding no response for a reprisal first lodged a police complaint against the bank’s manager before appraising her grievance to the RBI ombudsman cell.

“I was shocked to find that an amount of Rupees forty thousand has been siphoned with clear support of the bank through ‘Kisan Credit Card’ mortgaging my 2 acre land located in Dogachi-Sahebpar  near my home forging my land record, land purchase deed and my voters’ card”, said Amina Biwi. 

[An agricultural loan against KCC is issued only to the farmers who have personal land. The local agricultural development officer certifies the applicants based their land records and recommend him to the nationalized banks for the loan]

The elderly woman, who has a savings bank account at the UBI’s Karimpur branch, has also alleged a nexus between a section of the bank employees and an unscrupulous racket, as it credited the loan amount without verifying the assets for mortgage to another savings account, purportedly owned by the ‘fictitious’ woman.

Amina Biwi said: “I came to know about the loan was issued May 8, 2011 to one Amina Biwi Khatun – which is also my name. But, I never took the loan. I was also not aware that someone has mortgaged my land without my knowledge for a loan. I visited the bank with my son in Karimpur and came to know that Rupees forty thousand was credited to a savings bank account number 02270101251440 which purportedly opened using my name which in reality I never owned. I have a savings account with the branch (0227010144315). However, the bank authorities did not bother to cross check with it”.

Surprisingly enough, the bank authorities refused to divulge the other details of the second account allegedly opened in the name of Amina.

Nasir Khan, son of the woman, who is a civil contractor by profession said: “My mother cannot read and write. However, we found that the fictitious woman had withdrawn the loan signing as Amina Biwi Khatun. My voter’s card has also been forged as a picture of young woman was superimposed on the card. We have, however, failed to identify the woman”.

“We also later checked with the BLRO office of Karimpur-II block and also found that copy of my mother’s land record was procured in the name of my mother signing her name. Similarly copy of land deed was also obtained from the local sub registry office, which was later submitted to the bank as the mortgage guarantee document”, said Amina’s son Nasir.

Nasir suspects role of a section of bank official behind such forgery.

“The bank has big role behind this. I suspect the role of field officer and manager in particular in issuing such fake loan. If they had at all physically verified the land, they would realize the reality”, he said.

UBI Karimpur manager Joydev Mandal refused to speak on the matter in detail.

When contacted over telephone he on repeated occasion disconnected the line. However, later claimed that the ‘loan’ was mistakenly issued against Amina Biwi Khatun’s name.

“I was not aware of this loan. It was done during the period of my predecessor. I have later found some more such cases. I have told Amina Biwi and her son that the later was wrongly issued to her asking to repay the loan. I have sorted out the matter”, the manager said.

Nasir said: “Nothing has been sorted out. We wanted a certificate from the manager declaring that my mother does not owe any amount to the bank. But, he refused to issue such certificate”. 

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