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Early Morning Blast Claimed One Life In Thanarpara

2015-07-08 22:56

The house where the blast occurred


Thanarpara (Nadia), July 8: One miscreant was killed and another was critically injured when some bombs, which apparently they were making, went off at an under-construction house in Sahebpara village in Nadia’s Thanarpara late past Monday midnight.

The explosion was so powerful that the house was severely damaged.

The accident occurred when the miscreants, identified as Piyarul Ansari (34) and Babu Mondal (35) along with others were making bombs in the house, but one of them went off accidentally killing Piyarul on the spot and injured the other.

Police said, the miscreants were at least eight in numbers who fled from blast spot along with the deceased and injured associates. The miscreants later taken the duo to Berhmapur medical college, around 40-km away, where Piyarul was declared dead.

Both the miscreant is resident of Kholsapara under Domkol police station.

Despite the huge blast, the local villagers did not alert the local Thanarpara police station. It only came to know about the incicent early on Tuesday morning following personnel of a patrolling vehicle of the police station informed the senior police officers.

The late night blast and the subsequent mysterious behavior of the local villagers rattled the district police administration as the area has been under the scanner of the National Investigating Agency (NIA) following it tracked out close links of a number of suspects in the Khagragarh blast in Burdwan in last year which Zahirul Sheikh and Razia Biwi.

(A special team of NIA had also brought Razia Biwi in adjacent Barbaqpur village last night to attend the cremation of her father who demised on Monday)

Senior police officers including additional superintendent of police (Rural) Tanmay Sarkar rushed to the spot and initiated investigation.

However, he refused to speak about the ‘nature’ of the blast and about the character of the ‘explosive’ materials found at the spot.

“It appeared that the miscreants were making bomb at the house which was kept unused due to its incomplete status for long time. We have collected samples of explosives from the house which is being examined. If required we will take help of explosive experts. It is not clear how many miscreants were involved making of bomb and how they escaped. We are also investigating the local links of the miscreants as how miscreants from Domkol could take shelter in Thanarpara”, the ASP (rural) said.

“From our counterparts in Murshidabad, we came to know that at least one miscreant died in the accidental blast, and the oher was injured”, the ASP (Rural) added.

According to local sources, the blast occurred at about 1.30 in the night at the house of Badal Mandal, a mason who works in Kerala. The house is located at the outskirt of the Dhanipara area.

A villager said: “We woke up to a deafening sound of blast. We came out of home and saw fire in a house. We knew that nobody live in that house. So when we watched movement of some persons there and the fire, we became afraid. We approached towards the house, but armed men threatened us not to move further”.

“We also became afraid to call the police at night from Thanarpara police staion, which is about 8 km away from the spot”, a villager added.

Villagers also claimed that the miscreants were at the blast spot till early on the morning and escaped on a Maruti van later. 

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