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Dual Murder Mystery In Dhantala

2016-08-15 15:23


Ranaghat, Aug. 15: Mystery shrouded Nadia’s Dhantala today after police found body of a 45 year old widow at her residence along with the body of one of her distant relatives, who was also know to be her business associate.
Police said that the deceased duo identified as Nayantara Barui and Subhash Biswas (42), who were involved in flower supply trade, were found in a pool of blood by the neighbors early this morning in a room in Duttapulia Khalpara area with the door was locked from outside. 
Nayantara used to work in Subhash’s flower orchard and helped her in plucking, packaging and supplying of flower in city markets. 
According to local sources, the woman had been living alone since her husband died four years ago and her only son joined a hotel in Mumbai. 
On Sunday night, Subhash left home late in the evening for Nayantara’s home for packaging of flowers and did not return home. 
Subhas’s wife Laboni found the two bodies inside the room when she came to inquire about him during the wee hours of today morning. 
After the preliminary investigation, police suspects that the duo was murdered. However, they are still in dark about the motive behind the murder. 
The police inquest revealed that the victims were first hammered by heavy dumb objects on their heads and then electrocuted. Circumstantial evidences also indicate that the victims had jostled with the miscreants before they were killed. 
Police have started a murder case on the basis of a complaint lodged by the woman’s elder brother Mohan Mondal.[
Sub divisional police officer of Ranaghat Indrajit Basu said: “It appears that widow and the man were murdered. We have started a murder case. However, we are yet to ascertain the possible reason behind murder. We are looking into all the possible aspect and hope to get a breakthrough soon”. 
Police sources, however, claimed that the woman had recently developed enmity with some locals to whom she had lend money. 
An investigating officer said: “We have come to know that the woman had a good amount of money which she earned from her agricultural works and selling lands after demise of her husband. She had been lending money on interest to locals. But, recently she developed enmity with some of the money lenders while trying to recover the money. We are trying to find out those persons with whom she had enmity”. 
The sleuths are also looking into a possible angle of illicit affair and involvement of a third person into it. 
However, family members of both the widow and the man ruled out that possibility. 
“We had a very good relationship with Subhash Biswas, who was like my brother and was great support to us”, said widow’s brother Mohan Mondal. 
Subhash’s daughter Rinku Biswas said: “We knew the widow as our Pishima (aunt), who was quite accustomed with our family. My father used to work with her to pluck flowers and package it at night. The job generally required late night involvement so we never had suspicion when my father did not return”. 

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