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Descendants Of Krishnanagar Royal Family Dedicates Puja For People In The Town

2016-10-08 20:31

People gathered at the Krishnanagar Royal Palace Durga Puja Celebration Picture by Pranab Debnath

Krishnanagar, Oct. 8:
 Continuing the tradition the present descendents of the Krishnanagar royal family still dedicates their Puja in the name of the people of Nadia. The puja at the Krishnanagar royal family, therefore, never had been a royal affair, a“Sarbojonin’ festival in real sense as the Kings closed the gap between the royal family and people to make it a public affair.

Goddess Durga is worshiped in the royal family as “Raj Rajeswari”, an incarnation of Laxmi, Goddess of wealth and happiness, who is a savior here and attired as a warrior.

This year the puja turned to 333 years.

Nadia King Rudra Roy (1683-92), great grandfather of King Krishna Chandra Roy (1728-1782), started Durga puja during 1683 at the Krishnanagar royal palace not just for personal satisfaction, rather for the well being and happiness of the people lived under his rule.

The descendants of the royal family have now no glitz. The royal palace in Krishnanagar, known as ‘Raaj Bari’ now stands in the town just as a replica of the glorious past. Yet, the ‘royal couple’ Shaumish Roy and Amrita Roy do still feels proximity to the people in the town with a great sense of concern for them. 

With this sincere concern, the couple has been arranging the Durga Puja at the Raj Bari complex praying for the well being and happiness of the people in Nadia.

This year too, there is no exception as Shaumish-Amrita and their lawyer son Manish, who largely stay in Calcutta, got together in Krishnanagar to organize the puja.

“The objective of the puja in our family is - Sarve Bhavatu Sukhinah /Sarve Santu Niramayaah/Sarvey Bhadrani Pashyantu (May all become happy, may all become free from illness, may all see what is auspicious)”, said Shaumish Roy, a retired employee of British Airways.

“Goddess Durga here has been conceptualized here as savior of the people in the look of a warrior. The lion looks like a horse here. She is fighting against all the evils on behalf of us to bring the happiness among people”, said Amrita.

Her son Manish Roy, a lawyer at Calcutta High court said: “This puja means a lot to us. Since childhood I have been watching my parents praying for the people of Nadia. They pray before Raj Rajeswari so that people can wage successful war against evils like - poverty, hunger, cruelty, corruption, persecution, illiteracy, suppression, immorality, gender inequality, sorrow and pains”

“There is nothing fake in their feeling. They do it just for sake of tradition, rather for the relationship with the people here and dedicate the puja for the people of Nadia”, Manish added.

“We are moving with the time. As the successors of the former Nadia king, we are aware that the royal past has hardly any significance to the people now. But, we sincerely feel the proximity to the people of Nadia, which generate a unique feeling within us and drive us to organize the puja praying for their peace and happiness”, said Amrita Roy.

“Today there is no Kingship. We are now common man. Nevertheless we feel it is our duty to pray for the people”, said Amrita.  

“Our forefather Kind Rudra Roy, who started Durga puja as Raj Rajeswari, actually conceptualized the goddess as the one who is responsible for all the goodness of the kingdom and its people. The Devi dons war attire that includes a metal jacket and she rides on a lion whose face is similar to a horse”, said Amrita.

“As per family legend King Krishna Chandra (1710 – 1782) considered he similar to Ram Chandra. He prayed before the Devi for power so that he can eradicate peoples’ grievances and to kill the evil force. For this a ritual titled ‘Shatru – Badh’ is still performed at the Raj Bari after the immersion”, said Amrita.

“All these were done for the sake of the peoples’ happiness. But, as we have moved ahead of time, as successor our ability is limited. Nevertheless, we do it from our heart”, the ‘queen’ added.

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