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Death House Found In Haringhata

2016-09-11 21:21

The death house

The corpse of deceased Nanibala Saha

Two brothers - Arun Saha and Ajit Saha


Haringhata, Sept. 11: In a reminiscence of a Calcutta’s 3-Robinson Street horror house, police today found the corpse of a 90 year old woman at a house in Nadia’s Haringhata which was being “looked after” by her fifty plus two sons since January 16 when she died, expecting that she would revive and resume a normal life.

The police have recovered the corpse suspected to be of Nanibala Saha, 90, which was decomposed beyond recognition and sent it for post mortem. Officers found her skeleton covered with a blanket on a single bed in a bedroom that the siblings shared.

The two brothers, however, later claimed that they realized that their mother would not revive and they would do her last rites. But, the “job” was delayed to various reasons.

The sleuths have detained two brothers Arun Saha (56) and Ajit Saha (54), both unmarried for interrogation. Police found Strewn around thermocol plates with muri from which the brothers "fed" their mother every night

Local sources said, Arun was the sole bread earner of the family as a private tutor, but stopped the job about a year ago. Ajit occasionally worked as a daily laborer.

The incident came up when organizers of a Durga puja committee in Simhat village entered the house of the two brothers located on a 7 bigha plot located in Simhat village to demand puja subscriptions.

The youths made a forced entry inside the dilapidated single storied house only to find out the corpse when they were prevented by the two siblings to meet the elderly land lady Nanibala Saha, whom they could not see for last few months.

Bagha Sil, a local who was the first to find out the corpse on a cot, said: “It was a horrible scene. I was bit angry when the two men were preventing us to enter house. We smelled something suspicious as we could not see the old woman for many days. We never inquired as they used live an isolated life on a huge land covered with trees and bushes. But, their denial to pay subscription and dispersion to prevent us to enter inside made me curious. We found the corpse on the cot covered under a mattress and some clothes”.

“When we asked for the subscription, the elder brother told us –not to make noise as his mother was sleeping”, Bagha said.

The two brothers, who appeared to be blissful, however, found nothing unusual in their act.

“We expected that Maa would revive. So we took care for her. But, later realized it was too late. They decided to do her last rites. But then again though that it was winter so the body would remain intact for at least three months and then we would do the job. But, it was delayed as my brother met with an accident…”, said elder brother Arun Saha.

Locals said during the past nine months they seldom seen the two brothers outside.

Why did the neighbors or relatives not ask questions when they did not see Nanibala – the old man and her two sons for months?

Ranjan Biswas, a local said: “Their large residential area made the family naturally isolated from neighboring residents. They also used to avoid us, but we often seen them outside in the past. But, during the past few months we never saw them. Their behavior did not make any curiosity”.

"It is true we should be more curious when we her mother went missing mysteriously few months ago. The woman was the only link with the neighbor. We asked the two brothers in some times, but they said she was at home. so we did not ask any further question", a neighbor said.

Asked about this younger brother Ajit said: “We felt no need to go outside. We never cooked. There is no arrangement for it also at our home. We survived on muri, batasa and chanachur and taken care of mother’s body. There was no life outside”.

A police officer of Haringhata police station said, “Preliminary investigation revealed that the kerosene oil was poured on regular basis to cover the obnoxious smell. It is not clear to us how the woman died. We are at present rescued the two men to save them from mob outrage. They are also being interrogated to know the truth”.

Inspector in charge of Haringhata police station Sujit Bhattacharjee said: “We have the kept the two brothers today at the police station. They  did not take bath and food for long. Today they eat rice after a long time. We will get a medical examination for them soon”

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