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Currency Crisis Postponed Marriage Plan

2016-11-10 23:51

marriage postponed


Chapra (Nadia), Nov. 10: Two elderly men from Nadia’s Chapra and Tehatta, who mutually decided to make their bond of friendship stronger by getting their grandson and granddaughter married, had to postpone their plan due to sudden scrapping of Rupees 500 and Rupees 1000 currency notes today.

After much discussion Golam Rasool Halsana, 61 of Chapra and Jamaluddin Mondal, 63, of Tehatta  decided to postpone the marriage of their grand children Sahid with Shabana scheduled for  November 19, as they apprehended trouble to accumulate fund for marriage exchanging the scrapped currency notes from banks.

Sahid, 29, a constable of Nadia police is grandson of Golam Rasool, where as Shabana, 21, a second year BA student of Betai BR Ambedkar College is granddaughter of Jamaluddin Mondal.

The reception party of the marriage was scheduled for November 20 in Chapra.

The work for building up the pandal for the reception venue was scheduled to be started from Friday.

Both the elderly men, who are friends for over last forty years and farmers by profession, today called the decorators, caterers and transporters to convey the decision of postponement of the marriage owing to the currency trouble.

“We decided to seal the bond of our friendship in the form the marriage of our grand children. Everything was finalized and the marriage was slated to be solemnized on November 19. But the sudden decision of the government that created a temporary crisis for tenderable currency notes forced us to reschedule the programme”, said Golam Rasool.

“I had withdrawn Rupees twenty thousand from bank on Monday. A large part of the amount has already been spent to meet some initial expenses and for payment of advances. Now I am left with only about three thousand in hand. But, I need at least seventy thousand more to meet the expenses of marriage of my grandson. Yesterday, I heard about the decision of scrapping the big notes by the government. But, the situation made me apprehensive of accumulating the balance amount from bank by the next seven days due to strict restriction in withdrawal of amount. As I felt not confident enough, I called my friend Jamaluddin expressing my concern and also proposed him to postpone the marriage until the situation become normal. He was also having similar problem and responded to my appeal”, said Golam Rasool Halsana.

Jamaluddin Mondal said: “We have just decided to postpone the marriage temporarily as both the family of bride and groom is in shortage of cash in hand due to sudden scrapping of big notes. I have also few Rupees one hundred notes left in my purse. There needs a huge money to meet the expenses of marriage. I cannot take any risk as the banks have put a restricting in withdrawal of regular cash. So the situation compelled us to postpone the marriage. The decision is mutual one and no question of any resentment from either side. We have also decided to finalize a new date for the marriage once later in this month”.

“Today I have also called the local press and told him not to print the invitation card for the marriage reception, which was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow”, Golam Rasool added.

While the elderly male members of the two families took the decision instantly apprehending trouble for money, the women, however, not were feeling well about the sudden postponement.

A woman at the groom’s family in Chapra said: “The scrapping of cash appeared to us as a hindrance to an auspicious event and made us anxious too”.

However, the bride and groom Shahid and Shabana appeared to be unfazed about the postponement.

“The marriage has not been called off; it is just to be rescheduled hopefully within a month. So, there is no ill feeling at all in us. I have also talked to Shabana who has also understood the problem”, Shahid said.

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