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Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider Found In Chakdaha

2017-01-07 22:54

cork-lid spider found in Chakdaha


Chakdaha, Jan. 7: Panic gripped the residents of Thakur Colony in Nadia’s Chakdaha as well as the weekend revelers following a giant black spider was found in the area on Saturday morning. The incident unleashed fresh wave of fear after a lecturer of the Chakdaha College’s zoology department identified the 2.5 inch long spider as a venomous species of ‘Australian funnel-web spider ’, which is known as the most deadly spider of the community. As the repeated calls by the panicked locals failed to draw the attention of the district forest officials, the terrified locals rushed to Chakdaha College and handed it over to its zoology department for preservation and further investigation.

However, by the evening the big spider died being trapped in a plastic container.

The college authority later preserved the creature in a glass container filled with formalin.

Sources said on Saturday morning Bijan Deb, 32, a casual worker of Chakdaha Municipality run picnic garden, who lives in the adjacent area, found the spider outside his brother’s house. Though panicked, Bijan who was also suspicious about the identity of the creature trapped it and put in a plastic container.

“I saw tarantula’s pictures. The spiders grabbed my attention as it looked quite similar to what I seen in pictures. I was panicked as I read that such spiders are quite venomous. So I dared to trap it using a plastic container. The locals rushed in to our house to see the creature and also informed the forest officials. But, till today afternoon none from the forest department came to examine it”, said Bijan Deb.

The panicked neighbors, however, spread the news of ‘tarantula’ fast as locals poured into to Bijan’s house to have a glimpse of the creature.

Anxious about the actual identity of the spider, the locals on Saturday afternoon took the spider to Chakdaha College’s zoology department for opinion of the teaching professors.

Guest lecturer of zoology department professor Atanu Kumar Das examined the spider and identified it as a species belong to the ‘Australian funnel-web spider’ (Hadronyche Modesta).

However, Sankar Talukdar, habitat biologist and arachnologist at the Zoological Survey of India, to whom a picture of the spider was mailed identified the creature as “”.

“This species falls under the category of medium sized mygalomorph (tarantula) spider cork-lid spider. Such spiders live inside stone crevices and tree barks. They make their home with soil, vegetation and silken tube-the silken froth coming of them. These spiders are predominantly found in Asia”, Talukdar said.

These spiders quite venomous. They can fatally injure human being”, he further said.

Divisional forest officer (Nadia-Murshidabad) Rana Dutta said despite repeated calls did not send any of his officials to Chakdaha to examine the spider.

He also did not respond to the calls made by this correspondent and did not even replied to the text message sent to his cell phone.

However, an officer of Kalyani range said: “We will send a team to examine the spider and check the area in Chakdaha on Monday”.

Meanwhile, people in the locality remained panicked since the spider was spotted.

Science activists Bibartan Bhattacharjee said: “People may be panicked because they never seen such a big spider in the area before. It is really a mystery that how such an unusual spider arrived here”.

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