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Convent Area To Come Under Ranaghat Police After Reorganisation of Police Jurisdiction

2015-04-03 15:40

The protesting students


Krishnanagar, April 3: Barely within a fortnight since the heinous attack and brutalization of an elderly nun at the Convent of Jesus and Mary High school in Ranaghat Don Bosco Para, the state government decided to bring back the area under the jurisdiction of Ranaghat police station from Gangnapur respecting the demand of the local people.

The local people were aggrieved as they felt that inclusion of their area under Gangnapur police station has made them isolated from the main stream of Ranaghat sub division even after staying within Ranaghat. While the Ranaghat police station is barely 200-meter away from the area, they literally forced to access 14-km to reach the Gangnapur police station.

The state government has accepted the demand of the local people, which was conveyed by the Nadia district administration in last month in the wake of the attack on the convent.

District magistrate of Nadia P.B.Salim said: “After the shocking incident at the Convent of Jesus and Mary high school, I wrote a letter to the state home department with a proposal to reorganize the Gangnapur and Ranaghat police station. The proposal was largely aimed to bring back the Baidyapur-II panchayat area – that is Don Bosco Para and other adjacent areas within the jurisdiction of Ranaghat police from Gangnapur police station as it was earlier. On March 15, the locals had also reiterated their demand during an agitation in protest against the attack on the convent. We also assured them a consideration. The state government has principally accepted the proposal and agreed to bring back the Baidyapur area within Ranaghat police station”.

“I have also came to know that the necessary order will be issued very soon”, the DM said.

Nadia SP Arnab Ghosh said: “A proposal was sent considering all the aspects. Now once the green signal is received from the state government, the necessary reorganization will be done”.

There was a long pending demand of the local people in the Christian domination Don Bosco Para and Begopara to keep the area under the jurisdiction of the Ranaghat police station ever since the area craved out from Ranaghat police station to form Gangnapur police station in 2008.

On March 15 morning after the attack on Ranaghat convent came to light, the locals Christians in Don Bosco Para blocked NH-34 and Railway tracks with same demand.

“The attack on the convent has forced us to reconsider the demand of the local people. We just compelled to do this respecting their local sentiment, otherwise there was no justification to put extra load on Ranaghat police station, which is already over burdened with 250 sq km”, a senior officer said.

Local panchayat member Ronny Gomes in Don Bosco Para said: “During 2008 when the Gangnapur police station set up we appealed the administration to keep the Badiyapur-II panchayat within Ranaghat as the area is within the Ranaghat town. Local people submitted mass petition also. But, the administration did not pay respect to the demand. I am happy that the administration has understood the problem. I think this change will also help the police as well in maintaining law and order better”.

In 2008 three new police stations were set in Nadia – Gangnapur, Murutia and Hogolberia. Former DG of police Anup Bhushan Bhora inaugurated the Gangnapur police station, which was made of five panchayat bodies – Debogram, Majhergram, Ainshmali, Baidyapur-I and II, with an policing area of 102 sq. km.

“The need of Gangnapur police station craved out from Ranaghat, as law and order situation in a large area under the five panchayat areas was in a deteriorating state. However, the people in Bidyapur-II were annoyed about the decision for the distance of the PS. In fact they have hardly visited the police station. Even we came to know that many incidents of crimes remained unreported as the victims often preferred to avoid to inform police for the trouble they would have to take to visit the police station. This also in other way helped criminals to develop base in the area”, a senior police officer said.

Jolly Biswas, a homemaker, in Don Bosco Para said: “I hope the situation will change now. This decision of the government will develop a sense of security among us, which was quite missing in the past few years”.

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