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Cm Mamata To Be Worshiped As New Incarnation Of Goddess Durga In Nadia

2016-10-04 15:33

Fiber glass model of chief minister Mamata Banerjee as new incarnation of Goddess Durga. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar/Chakdaha, Oct. 4: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee is all set to be worshipped as the ‘deity of development’, in the form of a new incarnation of Goddess Durga at a puja pandal in Nadia’s Chakdaha.

National award winning artisan Subir Pal (46) of Krishnanagar has conceptualized the Goddess Durga on Mamata Banerjee and made a life-size lookalike fiber glass model of her with ten hands each holding mark of manifestation of development that helped her to retain power in the state.

In the puja pandal of Prantik club in Chakdaha, a beaming Bengal chief minister will welcome you in folded hands standing against a map of West Bengal - the land of development, while her other hands will draw your attention to her flagship initiatives like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Sabuj sathi, Nirmal Bangla, Biswabangla and others that symbolize her development spree.

During the last week of June the members of the Prantik made contact with artisan Subir Pal urging him to explore a concept on chief minister’s initiative for development as their puja attraction.

Pal, a passionate admirer of Mamata Banerjee had drawn a sketch of his concept which the members instantly approved.

Pal had began to materialize his concept from the first week of July, which was completed on Monday night, after three months - a little before the club members took the model to their pandal in Chakdaha for scheduled inauguration on Tuesday.

Artisan Subir Pal providing final touches to the model of Mamata Banerjee made as new incarnation of Goddess Durga Picture by PRANAB DEBNATHPal said: “During the last five years Mamata Banerjee has provided the state a new height of development. People in the state have witnessed all round changes in basic amenities. From roads to hospital, from plains to hills, people appeared to be happy. Her initiatives like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, and Safe drive-Save life have won the hearts of even young and children. In real sense she has come out as a new Avtar of development. I have heard that Goddess Durga has ten incarnations. I have conceptualized Mamata Banerjee as a new incarnation of Durga and tried to visualize her image in the light of development”.

“I am neither a politician nor a flag bearer of any political party. But, I have been watching her activities since long. I love her initiatives and tried to shape up her image what I actually feel about her. She has worked life Maa-Durga who has ten hands. In just five yeas she has done immense job, which can only be done by an Omni powerful person like God. My concept for her model was to depict Chena Mukh-Notun Roop. I have just done it”, Pal added.

In the model that is fixed against a 12 ft x 11.6 ft plywood board, Pal has tried to project Mamata’s ten hands in the back indicating her development initiatives.


The top right hand points to the Darjeeling hills that have now largely calm down following volatile political violence.

The next hand indicates the Yuvashree scheme that won the heart of the unemployed youths by creating employment bank

The third hand from top right side indicates “safe drive-save life” initiative to reduce the road accident.

The forth from top right hand speaks about the numbers of super-specialty hospitals set up in the state.

The fight hand in (bottom) in right indicates Mamata’s global projection initiative of state titled ‘Biswa-Bango”.

Similarly each of the five hands in the left side symbolizes other projects.

The top left hand symbolizes the peace in Jungle Mahal which once witnessed excess of Maoist ultras.

The next hand symbolizes state government’s bi-cycle distribution scheme for students titled Sabuj Sathi.

The third left hand speaks about the “Kanyashree” scheme that aims to improve the status and well being of girl child in the state.

The next hand speaks about ‘Nirmal Bangla project”, the cleanliness drive.

The left fifth (bottom) hand indicates about Nabanna, which is the hub of Mamata’s development workshop.

Pal said: “I have tried my best to depict these ten top development initiatives in symbolic manner in the form of 2-dimensional art using clay, fiber glass and thermocol so that it looks real and lively”.

Soumitra Bhattacharjee secretary of Prantik said: “We are a social organization and told the artisan to project chief minister’s initiative for development through a fascinating model to draw pandal hoppers. We never expected that Subir Babu could ultimately workout such a unique piece of craftsmanship”.

Sujit Kumar Maulik, a member of the club said: “It is a piece of art work and if possible we would request the administration to preserve it”.

The club members, however, refused to disclose the price they have paid to Pal for this unique craftsmanship.

An official at Paul’s workshop, however, said “we would request for Rupees three lakh for this job”.

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