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Cloth Traders Drugged By Miscreants, Robbed

2015-09-24 23:50

A cloth trader admitted at Santipur state general hospital Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Santipur, Sept. 24: Six cloth traders in Santipur were robbed of Rupees 1.25 lakhs in cash apart from a large number of Saris after they consumed tea leased with sedative offered by a group of miscreants who came to their shop for bulk marketing in disguise of buyers.

Local businessmen found the six traders lying unconscious at their shop – ‘Trinayoni Sari Stores’ in Ghosh super market complex in Sutragarh area of Santipur on Thursday morning and  took them to hospital.

They were admitted to Santipur state general hospital, where none of the six businessmen except regained consciousness till report last came in.

Police have started an investigation into the incident. However, no one could so far been arrested in this connection.

The incident occurred late on Wednesday night when the six traders, who are business partners, were busy at their shop and had decided to stay back in the night to meet the heavy rush of the bulk customers for the ensuing festive season.

According to Somnath Das, one of the victims, who regained consciousness, said: “During the festive season we often stayed back at the shop. This time the Id festival is scheduled at this weekend apart from ensuing puja. So we stayed back to meet the rush of customers and to attend the Thursday morning’s garment ‘haat’. At about 1 am four youths came to order bulk saries. After booking some and paying some advance amount, they told us to wait as until they return with tea. They wanted tea from us but as it was late in night shops were closed. After sometimes they return and offered us tea. We all started feeling uneasy soon we took it. I could remember nothing else after that. I later found myself on the hospital bed”.

“All of us had cash amounts in our pockets grossly amounting to Rupees 1.25 lakh which the miscreants have taken away. I have 59000 with me which they have taken away”, Somnath said

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