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Class 11 Boy Shot At In Gayeshpur

2016-10-28 22:56

Injured boy Kartick Kundu at JNM Hospital in Kalyani. Picture by Palash Sarkar


Kalyani, Oct. 28: A class 11 student was shot at under mysterious circumstances in Kalyani late today evening. Kartick Kundu, 17, a resident of Gayeshpur, was taken to NRS Hospital in Calcutta after he suffered bullet injury while speaking to some of his friends at about 10pm near a play ground in Ward-8. He was rushed to JNM Hospital in the town. However, soon he had to transfer to Calcutta as the bullet, which stucked to the left side of his shoulder, could not be removed there. His friends said: “We suddenly heard a deafening sound and seen Kartick has fallen on the ground. He was bleeding. It appeared that he was hit by a stray bullet targeted for any other person”. The Kalayni police have started investigation into the matter. An officer said: “It is not clear how he suffered the bullet injury. Family members told us that the boy found a revolver in a bush when he went there to attend nature’ call. It accidentally went off when he was examining the firearm out of curiosity. We would examine the veracity of the claim once he recuperates”. Hospital sources in Kalyani said that the condition of the boy is critical. 

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