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CID Recovered Cache Of Arms In Gayeshpur, 5 Arrested

2015-09-19 18:20



Gayeshpur (Nadia), Sept. 19: A CID team recovered a large cache of arms and ammunitions at several places in Gayeshpur municipality in Nadia during an early morning raid on Saturday. The cache include at least 7 pieces of 9 mm pistol, 4 double barrel guns, 1-single shot gun, 30 rounds of bullets and around 50 crude bombs from a club and three houses in the town.

The CID team has also arrested five persons in connection with the arrest., which include Deepak Sarkar, Swapan Ghosh, Biswajit Byne, Prasanta Byapari, who have close proximity to the ruling Trinamul Congress in the area.

It was second consecutive raid conducted by the CID in the area since the last raid in Soguna that was conducted on the night of August 21 when a large cache of arms and ammunition including about 100 bombs and 36 guns were recovered and eight miscreants were arrested.

CID sources claimed that the spate of continuous violence between the two erring rival gangs of anti socials belong to two different groups of ruling Trinamul Congress have actually paved the way for the raid.

The raid become imminent following a 72 year old woman was hit by a stray bullet fired during a faction fuelled fight at a soccer match on the September 13 night in Gayeshpur. Renubala Sarkar was hit by the bullet when she was watching the game from her doorstep. The bullet pierced the left thigh who was standing near her home in the Bedi Bhavan area.

CID sources claimed that acting on tip off, a team of about 30 personnel raided Bakulpur, Balipukur, Chatrapara area of Gayespur town since the wee hours of Saturday and recovered the arms and ammunition.

“Most of the arms and ammunitions were recovered from the house of Deepak Halder, who is a close associate of Prasanta Biswas of Shoguna, who is a Trinamul activist and a close aide of Mukul Roy’s son Subhranshu Roy. Prasanta and seven of his associates were arrested on that occasion”, a CID officer said.

Trinamul ruled Gayeshpur civic body cief Maran De, however, refuted the allegation. He said: "Our party has no link with the arrested persons. The CPI (M) has conspired to malign us".

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