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Child Left Inside At ICDS Centre By Mistake, Died

2015-07-30 21:55

The Victim child



Santipur, July 30A four-year-old boy who fell ill being left in a closed class room by a teacher for nearly two hours in sweltering heat at an ICDS run pre primary school in Santipur two weeks ago, has died on Thursday morning at a Calcutta based hospital.

Doctors said that the toddler who caught fever in panic as an immediate impact suffered a convulsion that affected the brain and nervous system leading the death ultimately.

Victim Subhajit Saha died at about 8 am at the BC Roy hospital in Calcutta battling for two weeks for life since he brought to the hospital on July 21 from Santipur state general hospital after his condition was deteriorated.

Subhajit, the second son of a bakery biscuit supplier in Santipur, was a student of the ICDS run “Anganwari” school that run in a local club located at the 2 No. rail gate para in Pabna colony, where he was left abandoned on July 16.

Victims parents and the local villagers alleged that the only teacher of the school, an ICDS worker, was quite negligent and left the school in a hurry prior to schedule releasing the students except Subhajit to attend a training on pulse polio programme at the local health centre.

Subhajit was rescued in a unconscious state and taken to home first. He was taken to a doctor later as he was caught with fever. The child was admitted to Santipur state general hospital as her condition deteriorated after two days. He was later shifted to BC roy hospital, where succumbed.

The police, nevertheless, refused to take any complaint against the teacher - an ICDS worker for negligence on her part despite repeated appeals by the child's father and locals.

Rather in contrary, the police on Thursday morning went to arrest the child's father acting on a complaint lodged by the accused ICDS Mina worker Roy, alleging threat and harassment by him. The police team, however, had to return empty handed being confronted with an angry mob.

The cautious police, however, in the afternoon “recovered” the accused ICDS worker apparently to save the woman from a possible public outrage.

Officer in charge of Santipur police station Partha Bhattacharjee said: “There was no complaint at all. So we did not arrest the woman”

The OC further said: “Egulo amader dekhar katha na, egulo District child protection officer dekhbey. Ora diary kortey cheyeche, egulo amader ektiaryer bairey, tar jannyo onnoy sarkari department achey…..Amra GD korey rekhechi, ja khushi diary je keu kortei parey.  Bachcha adh ghanta atkey roilo aar tar pordin sandhya belai giye asustha holo, tai eta vabar karon nei je ager diner oi adh ghatar jannyo o asutho hoyechilo, public diary kortey ase aar tai amra diary korey di, kintu tadantery proyojon money korini” 

Superintenant of Police Bharatlal Meena, however, said: “The incident is quite unfortunate. However, I have no knowledge about it. I will look into the matter”.

District child protection officer Anindya Das, a doctor by profession, has expressed his concern.

“I am shocked. I will see if there was any lapse on the part of the ICDS worker and take action accordingly”, he said. 

On July 16 Subhajit was dropped to school by his father Swarup Saha at around 7.45 am. The school commences at 8 in the morning and runs for two and half hours.

Subhajit’s mother mother Rumki Saha said: “On that I heard from a neighbor that the children were released early. So I rushed to school only to find that the room is locked. I could not find my son. I enquired from the neighboring people, but none had any idea. After a little a local said that he heard a child was crying inside the classroom. But he did not pay heed as it often occurs. I then peeped through a window to find that my son was lying on the ground. The locals rushed to the teacher’s home and brought the key to open the room. I found my son in a semi conscious state. He wept continuously and had soiled her dress by the time. I took him home and then to a doctor. By the afternoon he caught with fever. A day later we took him to Santipur hospital as the fever remained high”

At the Santipur hospital the boy’s condition started deteriorating with no indication of recuperation.

A doctor said: “The toddler was seriously panicked. In such case, fever is a common problem. The child too caught fever. But he suffered apparently suffered a convulsion that made the condition of the boy critical and had to be shifted”.

The child was taken to BC Roy Hospital in Calcutta on July 21, where he died.

Child’s father Swarup said: “My child died due to negligence of the ICDF worker in charge of the school. She is very negligent and never took proper care of the children. Even after such a big fault on her part, she never expressed her repentance. She rather used her political clout for personal protection apprehending trouble and also used the police to harass me”.

The accused ICDS worker, however, refused to comment when she was contacted at the Santipur police station, where she spent the day with her husband as per the instruction of the police.

Goutam Das, child’s uncle said: “We met the Santipur OC to lodge a complaint on negligence against the woman, but the police refused to take it. He kept us waiting for hours and at the end refused to register any complaint”. 

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