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Chakdaha Youths Bring Happy Moments To Poor Children

2015-10-22 12:58

The children with their gift packages Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Chakdaha, Oct. 22: 15 youths who are members of a religious organization in Nadia’s Chakdaha have come up to make this Durga puja a different experience to the 62 poor families in the town.

These youths who are member of Nigamananda Yuva Sangha with support of their friends handed over new attire to one hundred children and their parents as puja gift on Sunday. They also handed over them a festive food package consist of rice, daal, oil, spieces and dry foods for five days to each of the 62 families so that they could celebrate and enjoy the festive days forgetting the pain of poverty.

The organizers would also arrange ‘Devi Darshan’ for these families in one of the days during the puja.

On Sunday these 62 families were brought to the venue of the programme by the youths at their expense and there were again dropped at their home too by them.

The new attire and food packages were handed over to the families in a programme organized at the Boys’ sporting club puja pandal in Chakdaha town on Sunday by secretary of Nigamananda Mission Swami Bimalananda Saraswati.

Members of many family members broke down in tears after getting the puja gift as poverty robbed their happiness even at this festive season.

Chand Moni, 41, mother of two children, who works at a brick kiln in Durlabhpur area of Chakdha said: “The poverty made survival tough with two children. Purchasing a new cloth sometimes appears as dream. I could not image even to give new cloth and good food to my children during festivals. But, this day is really a landmark day in my life. I will at least try to forget my pains for the five days with my children”.

Kalyani Sardar, 35, a poor home maker, who seldom earn few bucks as a 100 days’ job worker felt to be lucky on Sunday after receiving the puja gift along with her three children aged between 7 and 12. Kalyani’s husband also works under 100 days’ job programme, but seldom gets job. The absence of job made their survival tough.

Kalyani said: “In the last two Durga puja we could not give new attire to our children. This year was also set to be the same. But, these youths made it different. I will be happy watching my kids celebrating Durga puja donning new attire”.

Kalyani’s 12 year old daughter Sagarika appeared to be ecstatic with her new attire. A drop out at class four, she said: “After a long time I will wear a new frock this time. I will visit puja pandals with my brothers wearing this new dress”.

Asit Ghosh, owner of a ‘Chanachur’ manufacturing company and one of the youths who organized the programme said: “We just wanted see the children happily celebrating the festival. We know that we will not be able to change their life entirely, nevertheless, tried to bring the smile back on their face for at least few days. With our limited resources and support of our friends we tried our best. If other come up with such initiative many more people could at least forget their pains at least for some times”.

These youths initially created a fund with own contributions. They also took help from their friends and disciples of Swami Nigamananda Saraswati, a hindu spiritual leader. “Today’s initiative has been made possible due to collective effort of many people”, added Ghosh.

Sagarmoy Ghosh, another member said: “We tried out to find out poverty stricken families who have found their survival tough. We gathered information from various level, visited brick kilns and find out these 62 families to who life has really become a burden due to poverty”.

Bimalananda Saraswati, secretary of the Halisahar based Nigamananda Mission said: “These youths have tried their best to bring happiness back in these families. Their resources are limited, but gesture is quite positive. I hope such initiative will also inspire others to share pain of others and to make them happy”.

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