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Cash 'Free' Service Offered By Nadia Nursing Home

2016-11-18 12:39

Entrance of the Nursing home


Tehatta, Nov. 18: The authorities of a nursing home in Nadia’s Tehatta have come up to provide great relief to the family members of the patients admitted there since the scrapping of big value notes was announced.

In a positive gesture to help the relatives of the patients amidst the cash crisis, the Shyamapada Memorial Sushrusha Nursing home authorities have stopped taking payments from them since October 9 while admitting and discharging unless they have any tenderable valid currency to offer.

During the past seven days, around thirty patients including some first time mothers were benefitted owing to such generosity of the nursing home authorities as their family could not manage new currency to pay either during admission or during discharge.

The nursing home authorities, did not even, pressurized the patients’ families for clearance of the dues, rather allowed them to go without any embarrassment, with the request to pay the outstanding at their convenience.

Owner of the nursing home Pralay Kumar Bhattacharyya, a doctor by profession, said: “I just tried to ensure that none is denied treatment just for the cash crisis. Even after the treatment, I told my staff not to make any pressure for payment unless their kin have arranged cash. I told them to understand the problem which all the citizens are facing. I admitted patients without any advance and also discharged them too on good faith expecting that they would come back soon to pay the dues. However, I have made no compromise in their care for this”.

Shyamapada Memorial Sushrusha Nursing home is one of the few nursing homes with good facilities on which people living in the rural Tehatta sub division depend. “The nursing home has good infrastructure for delivery of new born and post natal care as well as for other basic medical care”, district health official said.

The scrapping of Rupees 500 and Rupees 1000 by the centre on the night of November 8 had landed the nursing home authorities and the patients from the next morning.

Owner Pralay Kumar Bhattacharyya said: “On the night of 8th November, I apprehended the impact of the announcement and made up my mind. People living here mostly belong to farming class and it would tough for the to arrange money overnight. Patients’ relatives were embarrassed as they could not tender us valid cash. I made them to feel comfortable by admitting and releasing their patients without any cash. I relied upon the credibility of their identity documents which they submitted during admission”.

Today the nursing home discharged three patients till 11am, despite their family members could not clear the dues.

Raghu Das, administrative officer of the nursing home said: “Today we discharged three patients so far whose gross due amount is about Rupees forty thousand. We asked their family members for payment, but they expressed inability due to ongoing crisis emerged upon after banning of currency notes. We told them not to feel embarrassed and get their patient discharged and pay later”

Family members of the patients find no word expressing gratitude to the nursing home authorities.

Ranapratap Biswas, a farmer by profession, from Jitpur, who got her wife Mita discharged today after delivering a baby on November 10, said: “I have an outstanding amount of Rupees 16500 to the nursing home. Due to cash crisis I could not arrange money and could neither pay during admission nor could pay during discharge today. Nevertheless, the nursing home released my wife. It is great help. They even did not ask me for any security deposit for the outstanding, rather just taken my address details. I will try to pay the due as early as possible”.

Kartick Joardar, a grocery shop owner, who also got her wife Sumana released today, echoed the same. Sumana delivered a new born on 14 November. She was admitted on November 8 night after the scrapping of currency was announced.

“I have a due to Rupees 14000, which I could not pay so far. I am grateful the nursing home authority as they did not ask me for money while admitting and discharging my wife”, said Kartick.

Cancer patient Sumana Mandal’s father also could pay no money during her release on November 14. Sumana was admitted with respiratory trouble and has a due of Rupees 6000.

Today Sayani Roy (29) of Tehatta admitted with viral fever and convulsion. But, her family could not pay anything during admission. Her father, Simanta Roy, a retired lecturer said: “I tried to get some cash today before coming to nursing home, but the returned empty handed watching long queue in front of the ATM”.

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