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Burglary At Police Quarters Complex In Krishnanagar

2015-02-04 00:09


Krishnanagar, Jan. 25: Thieves broke into at least three police quarters at a multi storied officers’ residential complex of Nadia police in Krishnanagar on Saturday night and decamped with cash, jewelries and other valuables worth around Rupees 1.5 lakhs. An embarrassed Krishnanagar police have started investigation into the matter and detained one person in connection with the burglary that took place when the quarters were empty.

The three quarters EI, E-II and E-IV, occupied by three sub inspectors (SI), are located in two separate blocks within the same campus adjacent to the police parade ground on Krishnanagar-Hanshkhali road in the town. The residential complex has around eighty quarters in separate blocks where officers from the rank of SI to Deputy Superintendant of police (DSP) also live.

However, many occupants have alleged that despite being the high profile residential complex, it has a poor security arrangement, particularly during night when no vigilance around the scattered residential blocks is seen.

“There used to be security guards at the entrance of the complex. However, we hardly find any vigilance inside the campus where the residential blocks are located scattered. Moreover, many outsiders often sneaked into the complex. A few months ago a similar theft was occurred here. However, even after than night vigilance was not started”, an occupant said on anonymity.

When asked DSP (HQ) Abhisek Majumder, who also live in the same campus refused to comment on the matter when asked about the security arrangements.

Nadia’s Superintendant of police Arnab Ghosh, ruled out the allegation. He said: “I have come to know about the burglary. This is not expected to happen inside a police campus. We have started investigation. We have already detained one person in connection with the alleged burglary, who is being interrogated. I am looking into what exactly had happened and also checking the security arrangement there”.

Ghosh, however, refused to divulge the identity of the detained person.

According to police, the burglars broke into quarter number E-I, E-II and E-IV on Saturday night. All the three quarters are three roomed with wooden doors.

The occupant of the E-IV quarter Abul Kalam Mandal, a sub inspector of Krishnanagar police, was in Berhampur with family when the theft occurred.

His son Samim Mandal, a Master degree student, said: “One of our father’s colleagues informed us about the burglary early today morning. We rushed to Krishnanagar only to find the ransacked home. The robbers broke open the doors to enter the rooms. They forced open trunks and almirahs, in which, money and the ornaments of my mother were kept. Clothes and other things were left strewn around in every room. Cash and jewelries worth around Rupees fifty thousand were stolen from our quarter”.

The occupants of the other two quarters Lalita Sarkar and Supriyo Chatterjee, both sub inspectors, could not be contacted.

“A team of Krishnanagar police visited all the three quarters on Sunday morning and started investigation. It appears that a team of burglars operated in all the three quarters. We suspect that they are not petty thieves as they dare to break into a police quarter. It also appears that the burglars had information that all the three officers as they were absent from their quarters. Whoever broke in, had a thorough knowledge”, an officer of Krishnanagar police said.

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