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BSF Accused Of Torturing Elderly Farmer In Tehatta

2015-09-29 23:50

Tahazuddin Seikh at Tehatta Hospital


Tehatta, Sept. 29: An elderly farmer was brutally tortured throughout the night inside a border out post in Nadia’s Tehatta allegedly by the Border security force personnel and also dumped on the border road early in the morning in an unconscious state with multiple injuries on Tuesday.

Villagers rescued the victim, identified as Tahajuddin Sheikh (55) and took him to Tehatta sub divisional hospital.

The elderly farmer is a resident of Govindapur village Patharghata-I pancnayat and a father of an unmarried daughter.

Hospital sources said that the victim suffered serious injuries on his head, chest, back, ears an on the right eye as he was apparently kicked and punched with blunt objects.

The victim has three stitches on right his eye.

Kaushik Sarkar, an attending doctor at the Tehatta hospital has said: “The man has marks of injuries on his head, chest, back, legs, and eyes. We have advised him of x-ray of legs and spine, scan of brain and an examination of eye sight as his vision has suffered due to the torture”.

Victim’s family has lodged a complaint at the Tehatta police station accusing the BSF officials for torture attached to the Patharghata border out post under the 81-battalion.

The incident has embarrassed the BSF officers at the sector head quarters in Krishnanagr. The embarrassment came particularly at a time when the top officers of the force have been reiterating the importance of developing a strong bond with the villagers adjacent to the border while celebrating its 50th anniversary. In last month a special batton rally was organised on the occasion which was concluded at the Patharghata border out post where the alleged torture taken place.

A top officer at the sector head quarter in Krishnanagar admitted the allegation. “We have heard about the incident. It is quite unfortunate. We are extremely sorry for the act of the personnel. We have identified the personnel involved into the alleged torture. An internal probe has already been ordered. If found guilty, the concerned personnel will be exemplary punished”, the officer said.

An officer attached to the 81-battalion on anonymity confessed that there was a “misunderstanding” as Tahajuddin was wrongly identified as ‘Tahaz Khan’, a wanted smuggler in the area, who was accused of cutting barbed wire fencing a few days ago.

Sources said that Tahaz Khan and three of his associates were caught and taken to Patharghata border outpost, but he escaped from there.

On Monday night, BSF officials got a tip of that Tahaz was seen at Govindapur. But, the BSF team wrongly picked up Tahazudding Sheikh instead from his home.

A BSF officer admitted the mistake. He said: “It was a misunderstanding. The elderly man was roaming suspiciously on the border road in the night which might have misled the personnel. But, unfortunately they took long time to realize the mistake”.

Local villagers however, rubbished this claim that the elderly man was roaming on the road.

Yasind Dafadar, his nephew said: “He was speaking to some of the neighbors after taking his dinner. BSF officers have been trying to implicate him falsely”.

Even at the south Bengal frontier head quarter of BSF in Kolkata, DIG (PSO) Rajesh Gupta claimed that Tahajuddin was accused of cutting barbed wire fencing and escaped from border outpost.

Sources said, at about 9.30 pm on Monday night Tahajuddin Sheikh was picked from his home a little after he took his dinner by a team of BSF personnel of the Patharghata border outpost. He was first interrogated by an assistant commandant there. After that three BSF officials started beating up.

“They repeatedly asked me about my whereabouts. I said that I am farm labour and also enrolled labour of NREGA. But, the BSF officers were not convinced. They tied my hands and legs and then started kicking me all over the body and also hit repeatedly by their assault rifles. They also hit over my eyes. I was bleeding profusely and pleaded for mercy, but they remained violent. I lost consciousness later and found myself on the road early in the morning when the villagers took me to hospital”, said the elderly victim lying in the hospital bed.

Local Trinamul leader and member of Tehatta-I panchayat samity Sahabuddin Mandal said: “I know the victim well. He is a poor farm labour and never involved in any unlawful activities. The way BSF personnel tortured him is quite barbaric. The BSF used to speak about promoting bond with villagers, but in reality they act in barbaric manner. After hearing about the incident I went to Patharghata border outpost to lodge my verbal protest on the incident, when the officers confessed that it was ‘misunderstanding’ on their part. They also apologized for the incident”.

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