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BJP MInder Nirmala Sitharaman Gives CPM's Reference To Pacify Angry Workers

2015-08-27 23:01

A BJP workers asking question to Nirmala Sitharaman during the workshop. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar, August 27: Bombarded with questions by the party functionaries about the alleged bonhomie between party’s central leadership and chief minister Mamata Banerjee and an alleged sluggish probe by CBI on Shardha scam, an annoyed BJP Bengal co-minder Nirmala Sitharaman had to refer to the CPI (M) politburo to control the situation.

The union minister of state for commerce and industries who has recently been appointed as the state BJP co-minder apparently imparted a lesson on discipline saying that even any decision of politburo is wrong, the CPI (M) workers never raise doubts about it, rather defend the party.

Facing volley of questions and “suggestions”, an embarrassed Sitharaman told the party workers to come in defence of the party to clear misconception. She said: “It is your duty to come up with a defence line for the party, rather not to be misguided by media reports”.

She assured the party workers that the centre has not softened CBI probe. She said:“The probe is going through a process across the country and it will be concluded soon”.

She was speaking at a party workshop in Krishnanagar on Thursday attended by functionaries of Nadia and Murshidabad district.

Before speaking at the workshop, Sitharaman, invited party functionaries to share their thoughts and suggestions.

This, however, brought the embarrassment to her as around a dozen party leaders, expressed their anger over the central leadership and awkwardness they have been suffering due to their act.

Tarun Dam, BJP’s Chakdaha block president was first to begin.

He said: “The CBI started probe into Sharda and some others scams. But, now it appears that the centre is no more interested continue the CBI probe. People and part supporters often ask us about party’s stand and we feel embarrassed to explain the situation”.

Following Dam, another worker said: “Is there any understanding between our party and Trinamul as it appears from praising words for Mamata Banerjee told by some central leaders. Some was having Jhalmuri, some leaders praising her works. Please stop this as this creates doubts about BJP”.

Another leader was angry enough to advice: “If the leadership has developed a good relation with the Mamata Banerjee, please request her not to implicate our party workers in false police case”.

Another leader said: “Stop taking wrong decisions in haste like nomination of Subrata Thakur in Bangaon by-election”

The flurry of suggestions was enough to embarrass the Sitharaman, who literally flayed the party workers for raising ‘doubts’ about the ‘credibility’ of the party leadership.

“I am shocked to see that you have been raising doubts about the party leadership. It appears you believe more the media reports, which has been creating misconception about the party’s stand and policies. Don’t expect that media would speak for us. You rather have faith on the leadership and clear the misconception from your mind”, she said.

“It is absolute wrong to think that BJP has made an understanding with the Trinamul”, she added.

“If the decision of CPI (M) politburo raised doubts or even appears to be wrong, the party workers never raise questions. They rather defend the party. I would also request you to build a defence line for the party and make people understand about the reality. You should never lose faith on leadership hearing from media or Trinamul or by Congress. Nevertheless, if you have doubts on such issues, I will talk to the leadership and include your suggestions in my report to it”, Nirmala Sitharaman told the disgruntled party workers.

“Before drawing any decision you should analyze the context of the statement of the party leaders. There are twists in statements which should be analyzed under the actual context” she said.

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